What the Fuck is This?

I am amazed by what can go on when I close my eyes and fall asleep:

I wonder if they’ll escalate the national “Threatcon” level after a WHITE man MURDERS a bunch of BLACK people at a BLACK church! Of course not. This is a problem with which the “black community” must contend.

Fuck worrying about Muslims. The real danger in America comes from my fellow WHITES, particularly WHITE GUN-LOVING (probably ZIONIST) CHRISTIANS — the same assholes who like coffee klatching at Starbucks with rifles slung over their shoulders!

On a separate matter, I wish I could go back to having a skinny body, like that of the “gunman” shown in the photo, without having to work for it. Oh, to be a 17yo with a 27″ waist, again. Pass me the bennies, please!

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