Was Andreas Lubitz a Jew or of Jew Descent?

I hope that Andreas Lubitz turns out to be a Jew or of “Jew” descent. (Why the pejorative use of the word, “Jew?” Because I’m TIRED of my own people, particularly the Zionist breed! We beat up Muslims, we STOLE their land, and now we demand to know why they’re angry.) With this incident, at least, we can rejoice in Allah that Andreas Lubitz was not Muslim. What do I really hope, though? I hope Lubitz turns out to have been of Jew descent, and better yet, that he was a practicing Jew!

אלוהים גדול

I’m not a disciple of Brother Nathanael, but there’s a bit of his worldview that’s hard to ignore.

If this plane had been crashed by a Muslim pilot, we know exactly what would be happening, right now! Police across the world would be arresting people and disappearing them in the name of “justice” and “safety” and “security!” What happens, though, if it turns out that the hijacking pilot of this aircraft was a Jew or of Jew descent? Will Jews face the same repercussions as Muslims would, had this killer been Muslim? Of course not. Jews are now the sacred “lamb.” They are the chosen people. They’re given other people’s stuff by people who have no right to take and give. This is what has led to wars across the Middle East for longer than I’ve been alive. Finally, I am very confident that if Andreas Lubitz turns out to have been a Jew, that will be as swept under the rug as possible, because Jews can do no wrong, don’t you know? The general perception, today, is that only Muslims can be terrorists, and even when not acting as contributors to an enterprise, individual acts by Muslims are always generalized to the broader population. The same is not true, though, for the Jews.

It really is time to take the mask off of my fellow Jews, and I am so hopeful that Andreas Lubitz helps by turning out to have some “Jew” blood in him. How many mountains of sugar will his fellows and their Gentile supporters have to pour on this bitter pill to cover the taste?

“Us Jews are much better mass murderers than the Arabs! Mohammed Atta needed five HIJACKERS to do what I did with one hand behind my back (holding the “DOOR LOCK” button)!”

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