Unconscious Communication of Sexism and Racism

niggers cunts and upstanding white men

Look! The “folks” at the University of North Georgia dun-did-it!!! This is a visual example of a Freudian Slip! No they ain’t races, just like pole-eece in places such as Missouruh, oh, and New York, and California, and Arizona, and everywhere, ain’t races!

No, we ain’t races. This was nevuh meant to be races! Don’t take it d’wrong way! They ain’t one burnin’ cross in this pictuh!! They ain’t no gallows tree! We love niggiz, herein No’th Jo-ja. Don’j-y’allz-see? We’z-in No’th Jo-ja! We’z paht o’ the No’th! We luvz ah niggiz, up heeuh!

On a separate note, since when did a university degree program go from one of “education” to one of “training?” My master’s degree covered the topic of education versus training to enough of an extent that I became raw-tired of the discussion. The result, though, is that I’ve ever-since been instilled with a passion to separate the two, and to point out how we’re flushing our university system down the toilet, turning it into a Communist Chinese system of training! Training (versus education) results in a very weak societal fabric.

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