2 thoughts on “Uh Oh: bestgore.com Offline?”

  1. Yes, BestGore is up and down. I had a very brief communication with BestGore, and they (whoever “they” are) are trying to track the problem down.

    Personally, this is just a guess, but if I were the sysadmin of BestGore.com, I would be looking at any third party plugins that are running as part of the WordPress installation. Any time that you add someone else’s pizzazz to your website, without actually knowing what that code does, you open your site to attack.

    BestGore provides real information that some people would rather keep swept under the proverbial rug. In my opinion, this is most likely an act of nefariousness, and there are plenty of nefarious people who don’t like the rest of us seeing the truth.

    Remember Ogrish.com? That used to do what BestGore does, and then it was bought and turned into “LiveLeak.” LiveLeak is as benign as a “Cute Kittens” Youtube channel.

    Let’s keep our fingers that our BestGore friends find the problem. I also hope that they will share with us what the problem turns out to be. (I’d like to know for myself. Obviously, I use WordPress, and I have installed a couple of plugins, and I am very suspicious.)

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