Geopolitics: Saudi Arabia vs. North Korea


Why is the United States friendly with Saudi Arabia, but not North Korea? What makes Saudi Arabia so “right,” and North Korea so “wrong?”


Resource Brinksmanship:
Saudi Arabia and North Korea are Both Totalitarian Dynasties; yet, One is America’s Friend and the Other a Foe

Saudi Arabia is the source of al Qaeda and ISIS funding and personnel (and NOT North Korea). Yet, American presidents entertain Saudi Royals while they shit all over North Korean leadership, and who is the bigger threat?


There are two ways that nations can be defined by the United States as “rogue.” A rogue nation is one that interferes with America’s theft, or virtual theft, of valuable commodities. Political ideology has little to do with a nation “going rogue” by American standards. Countries that don’t get with the program will be invaded by United States snipers and drones tasked with wiping out whole families at wedding parties, and woe to the retaliator!


Bicycle Truths: Leave Me Alone!

Bicycle Truths:

Leave Me Alone!

If I have any complaint about the Dahon Curve D3 bicycle, it is that wherever I go, people can’t help themselves, walking up to me and bugging me about it. Everyone’s got something to say.

Please, folks, shut the fuck up and leave me alone. I bought the bicycle not to make a statement or to invite conversation, but to fill in that “last mile” that SoCal mass transit (particularly OCTA) seems to have forgotten.

Don’t like my attitude? Sorry: If you’re not paying my salary, then I don’t have to be nice.

Must See TV: Soul Survivor

Must See TV
Channel & Time: CNN, 02-Jan-2015, 18:00 Pacific
Title: Soul Survivor

Cecelia Cichan was the only survivor of Northwest Flight 255 out of Saginaw, MI, and has never spoken publically about her experience. The story has hints of a movie titled, “Millennium,” one of my more favorite movies of all time.

The Air Crash Investigation episode that covers this disaster has been pulled from YouTube, probably because of this evening’s CNN report.

A Matter of Trust

My father spilled a little bit, yesterday. I’m no expert in estates and trusts, but unless there’s some demonstrable evidence of moral turpitude, then in controlling her estate, a demented woman’s son should precede her sister and brother-in-law. I expect a rude awakening for my father and his wife, given them by a state court. While the son in this case is “no angel,” who is? Shouldn’t he be given opportunity to provide care to his mother before awarding the task to a more distant relative?