There’s Plenty About Which I Agree with Donald Trump, Including his Position on Taxes!

It’s enough with the wealthiest Americans paying next to nothing in taxes. The result has been an under-the-covers transformation of revenue generation from fair taxation to court so-called “fees” stacked on top of traffic tickets. I haven’t forgotten my 2010 stop-sign ticket that went from $50 for the fine to $450, $400 of which had nothing to do with the traffic violation.

When I say that I haven’t forgotten, what I mean is that I regularly consider acts of revenge directed at the “new and improved” Long Beach courthouse, from burning the place to the ground with everyone in it to dumping some keystered quickset cement down the toilets at the building’s lobby level.

Seriously, the people who run that courthouse should be concerned because I may, one day, create quite a stir.

Now, back to Trump and taxes: people who receive an income should pay taxes, or nobody should pay taxes. This in-between bullshit, though, has to come to an end! It’s enough with the job-creators-for-other-countries paying nothing while they shunt American manufacturing knowhow to China, India, Vietnam, and Bangladesh!

May God bless America and FUCK the freeloaders!

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