The Desires of ISIS/ISIL/IS/Islamic State

Many times, I’ve stated that I have a thing for the beheadings in Iraq. Actually, I have a thing for the macabre. I don’t know why. It goes back to my earliest memories. I think that it may be related to my parents’ fixation on the Holocaust, which then became my own fixation. Anyway, I’ve paid pretty good attention to the details of US invasion-related beheadings, as far back as that of Daniel Pearl. I’ve watched them all, each many times.

The moment I saw the black flag of ISIS/ISIL/IS/Islamic State, I immediately recognized it as an extension of the flag of Ansar al Sunnah at the time of the Armstrong beheading. (Armstrong was a screamer, all the way to the severing of his spine; and yes, it is possible to scream without a voice.) Take a look at the two flags, the current one and the one of ten years ago, and you judge:

(The flag of ISIS/ISIL/IS/Islamic State)

(The flag of Ansar al Sunnah)

The current black flag is all the evidence that I need to know that ISIS/ISIL/IS/Islamic State is not new. It was formed under a different name early on in the Bush war with Saddam Hussein. It is nothing but combined factions of Ansar al Sunnah and al Qeda of Iraq which emerged with Bush’s toppling of the Iraqi government, in 2003. The warriors of ISIS have no present intention of bringing their war with the US, in Iraq, to US soil. They never have; otherwise, they already would have. They just want us to get the fuck out of Iraq. Who’s to blame them? Who started this Middle East melee? Bush opened a can of worms. He did so with the support of a majority of dipshit Americans. They served as convenient idiots, willing to believe that Iraq had something to do with 9/11. When that lie didn’t pan out, it was about WMDs. Remember that line of bullshit? When that prevarication didn’t work, it was about freeing the Iraqi people. Well, Bush and the citizens of America did free the Iraqi people. It turns out that a free Iraq is deeply ensconced in religious dogmata!

  • Do you have a problem with that?
  • As Buzzie Bavasi used to say: Like it or lump it!
  • War does not wash the minds of true believers. Instead, their beliefs grow stronger.

The unfortunate reality is that a majority of Americans do not have at least an undergraduate degree from a reputable university. Had they, then they would have the critical thinking skills necessary to understand the psychology of war in the context of political science, which is supra to sociology, psychology, anthropology, and philosophy. It’s what makes the difference between “training” and “education.” Some forms of all of those classes were (and still are) required for all undergrads at California State University, Long Beach. I personally sweated them all!

It is tragic that Americans, generally, are so ill-informed that they’ve supported President Obama’s reopening of the wounds of war! The result is the re-emergence of Ansar al Sunnah and Jihad Joe, who I’ll just call “Leftie” from now on!

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