Thanks to Republicans, Obamacare Sucks; Sanders Offers Solutions!

Healthcare moneychangers must be put out of business. We need Medicare Part “E.” The “E” is for “Everyone.” It has been part of Bernie Sanders’s message for as long as I’ve known about him: about ten years.

Obamacare is a Frankensteinian program that requires people to purchase private insurance. Health insurance has essentially become legalized mob boss insurance. I don’t blame President Obama for this fiasco. Republican filibusters in the US Senate limited options available for passing national healthcare legislation.

Now, America needs a president who can properly communicate legislative plans to the general public, enabling constituents to apply pressure to Representatives and Senators to implement the government’s chief executive’s agenda. That agenda must include a permanent solution to what continues to be a serious problem: nearly useless healthcare for average people.

The presidential candidate who offers the best logical and persuasive skills to truly fix healthcare in America is Bernie Sanders.

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