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My home was auctioned on 18-September-2014. The sale yielded a notable margin, and its completion is a significant marker of time in my life. The property was bought by a Vietnamese “investor,” who audaciously changed the locks on my front door before I could move out. The idiot didn’t even serve me with a three-day notice to quit.

I’ve hired an attorney who specializes in this sort of work to deal with my zipper-headed1 assailant, as well as to review the foreclosure process followed by Bank of America’s legal representatives, and to recover the proceeds of the foreclosure sale that are owed to me.

What should I do, next? Should I stay in this shithole of a state, where the manicured lawns of the stupidest people on Earth are still a luscious green while Lake Mead drains closer and closer to Dead Pool? Should I instead give California (and anything west of the Delaware River) the middle finger and head back to New York? (God, it’s been at least forty years since I last stood on the banks of the Delaware!)

At the moment, I live in the moment, moment by moment.

1 I am an equal opportunity hater of people who do me wrong. So, don’t feel bad if I haven’t yet spoken badly about your breed, including that of my fellow Jews. I eventually will!