Surprise, surprise!! Ebola: America’s Not Up to the Challenge!!!

An LATimes ebola-related article’s summary, shown here, makes a ridiculous point: that somehow America’s healthcare system is not up to the challenge of ebola. Of course not, you FUCKING MORONS! Ebola requires the highest level of control that’s found only in specialized facilities!!! The CDC and the NIH should know better, because for forty years they’ve had their grubby hands in the ebola petri dish, and they’ve seen how easily this disease spreads. YET, with the support of CDC and NIH, American health professionals were encouraged to travel to the epicenter of the latest outbreak!!!! ALSO, with the support of CDC and NIH, people from the epicenter of the latest outbreak were allowed to freely travel to America!!!!!

No hospital has the facilities to sequester every admitted patient who’s got a fever before determining whether that fever is caused by ebola!!!!!

It’s so frustrating to watch the so-called professionals fuck this up so badly, while getting PAID to do it!!!! Jesus-FUCKING-Christ!!!! Of course, America’s not up to the challenge!!! Ebola is an extremely dangerous disease!!!! Think nuclear waste with a mind.

“How dare Peter Wexler use the Savior’s name in vain!!!” No, how dare the lives of all Americans be put in such serious peril!!! God damn the people who turned their backs on modern common sense that’s taught in every 100 level microbiology class, around the world!

Remember: Those most offended commit the greatest offenses.

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