Sandra Bland’s Arrest Was Illegal!

And, if not illegal, then unethical and negligent!

Leading up to Sandra Bland being dragged out of her car by a FUCKING PIG, named Brian Encinia, the woman was aggressive in no way. In fact, at no time was Sandra disrespectful. Then came Act I, Scene II: “Light You Up!”

Sandra Bland about to get Lit Up by Officer Brian Encinia

I don’t give a flying fuck if it turns out that Sandra Bland ended her own life. What does matter is that her life ended while she was incarcerated in a Texas jailhouse. I also don’t give a fuck that Sandra Bland was smoking cigarettes in her own car. The PIG in this case had completed his investigation. He’d finished writing a warning citation. The traffic stop was over, or so one would think. In Texas, however, “niggers” must first pass a diss-test before being allowed to leave the scene of a traffic infraction: Diss the Texas PIG, go to jail!

For me, what really matters is that Sandra Bland should never have spent one second in the custody of Texas police. Sandra Bland should never have been arrested. Sandra Bland should never have been threatened with being “lit up” with a Taser. She did nothing at all wrong.

A traffic ticket is one thing. An arrest is entirely different.

Any argument that Sandra Bland’s smoking “interfered” with a police officer conducting an “investigation” is pig shit. Also classifiable as nothing more than pig shit is a claim by the arrester of a disrespectful act committed by the arrestee. The matter of Sandra Bland is just another demonstration of American injustice in a long series of unjust acts.

2 thoughts on “Sandra Bland’s Arrest Was Illegal!”

  1. arresting anyone for non use of blinker on empty road moving to right to allow cop to pass is pure insanity. she was abused at the stop and treated with malice and complete lack of sensitivity to the situation.

    i urge you and anyone reading this to look into gavin seim of central washington. his YT videos of him surveilling and confronting local and county cops is outstanding.

  2. I agree with you, and I will look at Gavin Seim’s videos. There are many people recording police, now. By the way, it’s not that the videographers are confrontational. The police confront the videographers, because police don’t like being recorded doing evil deeds.

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