Saint Louis: America Goes Third World (AGAIN!)

I have commented for years about the apparent militarization of America. I first noticed it in Los Angeles. It was the summer of 2000, and the LAPD was preparing for the Democratic National Convention. At the time, I worked only blocks away from the City Hall Annex building. It was then and there that police practiced repelling down ropes from proverbial black helicopters, and I stood, open mouthed, thinking that this did not bode well for the future of America.

A few years ago, a flurry of articles hit the San Jose Mercury News about someone who “popped off” at work. Photographs in the paper were of military-clad police searching for the “suspect.”

During the “Occupy” summer of 2011, LAPD pulled out all the stops and rolled quasi military convoys through the lower financial district of Los Angeles, as if you need steel-reinforced armored vehicles to shoo away a bunch of kids who’ve been screwed over by their parents who happily offshored American manufacturing to the Third World, nullifying the value of the American worker, but I digress!

Now, in response to another summer of riots, this time in Saint Louis, MO, we once again see the use of hardcore military hardware against a civilian population, in AMERICA. WTF? When are people going to finally say enough is enough? This is not appropriate use of military gear in the Third World, and it’s not appropriate, here, either!

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