Regarding the FBI’s Non-Trivial Slander of North Korea about Sony Data Breach

If it turns out that North Korea clearly has nothing to do with a Sony data breach that shed light only on what the world already knew, that Brangelina’s acting sucks, then heads should roll at the FBI and at CNN. Both failed to fact check, and Wolf Blitzer (who should be killed, anyway, for most likely operating the Zionist bulldozer that flattened Rachel Corrie) spent day after day beating CNN’s drums of war at North Korea.

Where would things have gone if John McSame or Shitt Romney were president, instead of Barack Obama during this crisis of non-crisis? People chided President Obama for referring to the Sony data breach as minor electronic vandalism, but had he seen the incident as anything more serious, where right now would we be? Thank goodness that a relatively cool head occupies America’s White House, momentarily.

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