Pakistan: The Jihad-Lefties are Closer than Ever to those Atomic Weapons!

Mark my words, Israel is “this close” to pushing up mushrooms! Atomic mushrooms, that is!!!

If I am right, and the Islamic State gets its left hands on Pakistan’s atomic weapons, then it’s over for Israel. What I mean by that is: The party’s over for Israel, and millions of so-called Israelis will be killed, and Bible prophesy will be fulfilled (minus the return of Jesus, of course).

Nations that have the capacity to build atomic weapons and systems to deliver them are nations that are too stable to risk a nuclear war. So, Pakistan could never lob a nuclear missile at Israel because there’d be a return address attached. However, when you’re a state without a state — when you’re conceptual, when you’re ISIS, it’s impossible for the recipient of your attack to respond in kind. Moreover, ISIS fighters are fully prepared to die for the ISIS cause. They don’t fear retaliation.

I’m keeping my fingers crossed. I have the highest hopes that the Islamic State will acquire and utilize the atomic weapons of Pakistan to wipe out Israel!

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