It has been clear to me from the beginning that corporate owners of news outlets will do anything they can to prevent a Sanders-or-Trump presidency. Just the way things are, is just how they like them: Ultra rich receiving more tax breaks, and everyone else footing the bill through courthouse fees (a personal point of contention) and increased consumption taxes, excluding tariffs on imported finished goods and exported raw materials.

(00:00) “The New York Times public editor, Margaret Sullivan, admitted that people upset with their coverage on Bernie Sanders are right.” Sullivan claims that the NYTimes did not purposely ignore Senator Sanders.

I do not buy Margaret Sullivan’s bullshit argument that the New York Times simply did not take the Sanders campaign seriously. I think that the Times and its cohorts are purposefully passive-aggressive in their lack of coverage of Senator Sanders.

I used to take the Times very seriously. That was then. This is now.

The Times is driven by scum, like “Flat-Worlder” Thomas Friedman and “Israel is to Die For” David Brooks — two jerks I’ll push into the 42nd Street subway tracks if I ever get the chance! In fact, those who work for the NYTimes should hide their work badges, if they ride the subway, and they should ALWAYS STAND CLEAR OF THE EDGE OF THE PLATFORM!

The money paradigm, noted by Kyle Kulinski, may be breaking down. He credits the “rightness” of Senator Sanders’s message. While that may be true, I think that there’s even more to the story. Specifically, when a person donates money, even as little as a single dollar, to a campaign, that person casts a vote of conscience. It mentally transforms the donor into an active supporter who will campaign for the candidate at the next Thanksgiving holiday dinner. It’s the sort of advertising that comes for free, but cannot be purchased with any amount of money.

(04:30) “And kudos to the New York Times…” Yeah, kudos, and don’t forget: STAND CLEAR OF THE PLATFORM EDGE and HIDE YOUR WORK ID, if you work for the New York Times because I may be waiting for you!

Commercial water rockets of the 1970s went the way of lawn darts for the same reason: you might get poked, “wherever!” Today, the hobby of homemade water rockets could be on the rise. Here’s a link: My favorite part of the video is the setup ritual: always the same. It is what makes aviation generally successful.

The music in the video is notable, too: Underdog by the 126ers. Its homespun sound serves the video, quite well.

Today, I DETONATED like a Palestinian Pressure Cooker while shopping at the local supermarket, and I now know why pressure cookers explode. Pressure cookers explode because it feels really, really good!

For me, there is nothing worse better than a FAT Mexican woman looking away from the direction that she’s pushing her shopping cart!

Biden was a fraud in college. He was a fraud after college. As a senator, he was a fraud.

“Once again, the question of character dominates presidential politics. First, it was Gary Hart who pulled out of the race because of his relationship with Donna Rice. Today, it was Democratic Senator Joseph Biden. In his case, the transgression was using other people’s words and ideas while embellishing his own record” (1987)…

Here’s a link:

(01:11) “Went back to law school, and in fact ended up in the top half of my class…” Whoops, it turns out that Biden finished near the bottom of his class!

Here’s another link titled, Watch Joe Biden Plagarize Bobby Kennedy:

Joe Biden: Unethical in school, unethical in life! He is not to be trusted.

I have my faults, but they don’t include plagiarism or academic fraud.

One way or another, people are running from their homelands in Syria and Iraq, and it’s primarily the fault of the United States. There can be no balance when it comes to saving the people of the Middle East who’ve been displaced by ISIS. Only one choice exists: Save them all!

Never again means NEVER AGAIN! It doesn’t mean “never again for us Jews.” It means NEVER AGAIN.

In memory of the SS Saint Louis, people of Iraq and Syria must be given refuge. Costs should be paid for by the United States.

Demonstrate Mercy

Above all, I hate hate, and I believe in confronting it head-on.

First, a link:

CJ Pearson Bill Cosby

I don’t care how young you are. When you’re a little black asshole who’s contributing to the Muslim Hate Machine, it’s time to call you what you are: a house nigger! (Had the shoe been on the other foot, and if Ahmed Mohamed was directing hate speech toward CJ Pearson, then Ahmed’s character would need assassination.)

Just like Ahmed Mohamed is seen by CJ Pearson as just another “privileged” terrorist, CJ Pearson is viewed as a “thug” by some of us white folk who think that a “boy,” like CJ, needs to be in the fields doin’ what comes natural to Africans: pickin’ cotton!

I have HEARD and HAD ENOUGH with the Muslim fear mongering, and I firmly believe in fighting fire with fire. So, CJ, let’s call you what you are: You’re a thug-nigger who belongs on the cotton field or in the state penitentiary! You are the teenage equivalent of Bill Cosby.

CJ’s middle school political career needs to be sidetracked!