On Immigration, I Agree with Donald Trump

The US Constitution’s Fourteenth Amendment grants citizenship to anyone born in the country, but was that the real purpose of the Amendment? No. The purpose of the Fourteenth Amendment was to grant slaves the right to citizenship because their ancestors were dragged here, against their will. It would have been unconscionable to fail in granting citizenship to those having committed no crime, but who were brought to the US as if they had, and were then sold into eternal servitude, along with their future progeny.

People who come to the US, willingly, should not be granted the same right as post civil war freed slaves, nor should that right be granted to their descendants. Only children conceived by at least one US citizen should be granted automatic US citizenship.

It is time to rewrite the Fourteenth Amendment to end automatic citizenship merely by birth on US soil, and also to end corporate personhood, a bizarre outgrowth of the Amendment.

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