Nothing Like a New Set of Brakes!

I’ve been riding around with nubs for brake pads for six months! FINALLY! I stopped into Two Wheeler Dealer, in Brea, and Lance Schumacher changed out the pads right then. Two Wheeler Dealer is where I bought my Dahon Curve D3, in 2011, or was it 2012? The place is quite far from where I live, but after getting the runaround from Fountain Valley Performance Bicycle, over the phone, it was clear that the only option would be for me to drag myself to Brea. Still, I arrived with my dukes up, asking only for the pads and the tools to change them out, and I’d do the rest. Lance said, however, that it would be no problem for him to do the work, right then and there.

To the people at Performance Bicycle: What do you mean that you have to give me an estimate to replace the brake pads on a bicycle?

Oh well, thanks Two Wheeler Dealer for taking a few minutes to do what would have taken me a few hours to get done!

2 Wheeler Dealer
1039 East Imperial Highway, F-3
Brea, CA 92821

(714) 671-1730

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