Ladies and Gentlemen, Israel’s Got ‘Em!

Congratulations to Israel! It seems that they captured one of the killers of the three hitchhiking Israeli stolen-land (oops, I mean “settlement land”) dwellers, and guess what? He’s a top level Hamas militant!

So, does associating “Hamas” with the alleged killer justify the slaughter of two-thousand Palestinians (oops, I mean “Transjordanians”)? Did Israel really need to launch guided missile after guided missile after guided missile in response to useless rockets, launched by Hamas “militants?”


NOT IN MY NAME, and NOT USING MY NATION’S TECHNOLOGY!!!!!  It’s enough of Israel’s regional bombasticism!

I support BDS and I support an ARMS EMBARGO against Israel, a nation that lost its way twenty years ago and never found its way back!  It’s time to send Israel a message: cut the crap, or DIE!

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