JP Morgan Scumbag, Jamie Dimon, has throat cancer!

Purely accidentally, I came across a couple of Jamie Dimon related articles, yesterday morning. It appears that he has throat cancer.

I guess that what the US Attorney’s office has been unwilling to do, God will take care of, Himself! Thank God for Jamie Dimon’s throat cancer.

In my opinion, Jamie Dimon is far more evil than the Iraqi Knife Guy. Dimon participated in bilking Americans out of their nest eggs. Then, after burning through all of that other-people’s-cash, Dimon’s company received more than twenty-five-billion dollars in federal bank bailout funds, and with that money, Dimon paid himself and his Bank Bailout Buddies a nice Big Bonus! That is evil, and Dimon deserves to die. I am praying for his throat cancer to make a comeback!

At least the Iraqi Knife Guy knows how to properly use dinnerware, as he has so far demonstrated, three times! About good dining habits, today is Friday. Aren’t we already past due for the beheading of that guy with the thick neck? I’ve been wondering what’s inside of that neck to make it so thick, and there’s only one way to find out: VIVISECTION!

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