I Hate Monarchies! Come on ISIS! Save the Impoverished People of Saudi Arabia from Their Crappy KING!

The vast majority of Saudi Arabians starve while the “Royal Family” flies around the world in personal A380 aircraft, drinking alcohol, fucking high class prostitutes, and wearing western clothes. I would not give a rat’s ass about any of that, except that the sonofabitches put on their traditional ‘stumes and pretend to be something that they are not when they are within the borders of their country. They are hypocrites. Worse yet, the lavish lifestyles that they enjoy are paid for with public money: revenue gained from the sale of their nation’s resources.

I very honestly hope that ISIS overthrows the completely-unfair Saudi Arabian establishment. I look forward to seeing “King” Salman’s head on a silver platter, and I expect that the two Lefties will not disappoint! Seriously, if I had their mailing address, then I’d head down to Mexico, and I would mail a couple of hundred dollars to the two Lefties to help finance their cause. (Why Mexico? Because the case would be very slippery for the US Attorney’s Office to prosecute, given that the “crime” of providing material support to the “terrorists” would occur outside the borders of the United States.)

On its surface, ISIS is quite unattractive, but it is a manifestation of justice. It is a response to a US policy that has favored Israel for at least sixty years. It is a response to the MURDERS committed by the United States in places, like Iraq, using drones. It is a response to the inequity experienced by people in places, like Saudi Arabia.

While I don’t think that I’d want to find myself surrounded by the two Lefties and their associates, given the fact that I will not convert to their claimed religious belief system, I like what they stand for: flipping all of the tables of the Middle East upside-down! Seriously, a conflagratory regional revolution is overdue! To those who stand in the way of ISIS, I ask: Have you lost your head (YET)?

Allahu Akbar!

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