Hey, war Babies and Baby Boomers: Tell me what Chinese democracy looks like!


American war babies and the baby boomers sold out my country in part because they believed that economic paradigmata are somehow inextricably linked to politics. They believed that if China turned away from a communist economy and became capitalist, then so too, China would magically become a democracy, rather than than the autocracy it’s always been. War babies and boomers were either ignorant or stupid.

The other factors driving War Babies and Boomers to embrace free, unfettered trade with China were demolishing organized labor (“don’t buy an American car that was made on a Monday”) and dismantling FDR’s (“commie pinko bastard”) New Deal. Thanks Boomers and War Babies! Now, go catch a case of cancer, already! You cost too much money for Medicare to keep you healthy, and Social Security is going broke under the stress of you freeloaders who really need to carry your own weight! We can’t afford you, anymore! So, DIE ALREADY, or go get a Walmart greeter job and help defray the high cost of undeservingly supplying you with daily meals of Alpo!

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