Greenglass: The Death of a Total Scumbag

This scumbag avoided the Chair (the Electric Chair) by implicating his innocent sister in the espionage that transferred American atomic secrets to the Soviet Union. While Greenglass (the real criminal) lived into his nineties, his sister was cooked in New York’s “Chair” until smoke rose from her head.

I did not realize that Greenglass was still alive. Had I known, I’d have made the trek to the east coast to cut his head off, myself, Jihadi-style (“I’m back, Obama”)! What a scumbag Greenglass was!

According to a Wikipedia article, “Ethel and Julius Rosenberg were buried at Wellwood Cemetery in Pinelawn, New York.” I will add visiting their graves to my list of things to do before I die. Though particularly true of Ethel, they both deserve a visit and a prayer.

Greenglass’s grave, however, should be desecrated, and I won’t hesitate!

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