From the Bench of “Honorable” Judge James Gosnell:

How can members of a spree killer’s untouched family be the killer’s “other” victims, after he guns down nine people in a church? That would be when the killer and his family are WHITE, the NINE VICTIMS are BLACK, and the case is presided over by “Honorable” Judge James Gosnell! Let’s double check that with the “Honorable” jurist!

Judge James Gosnell Hates NIGGERS!

There are four kinds of people in this world: Whites; Blacks; Rednecks; and Niggers! Yes, he did say that IN COURT while wearing his Judicial Bathrobe, in 2003!

Here’s a link:

What a FUCKING PIG, and before saying that lots of people use the word, nigger, remember: THIS WAS SAID FROM ON HIGH IN COURT! And you thought the court system fair and just?

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