Ebola: Holy God, it’s Building

Let it be remembered that the US CDC, under Dr. Tom Frieden, described what is now taking place at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital in Dallas as only an itsy-bitsy, teenee weenee possibility.

This is an emergency that started weeks ago, but nobody did shit. The following should now be the reaction to this emerging disaster:

  • Fire Doctor Tom Frieden, immediately. Send him home to spend more time with his fucking family, but make it a FIRING, NOT A RESIGNATION! Remember, this SCUMBAG is the ASSHOLE who has wrought ebola on America with a policy of open travel with West Africa. Really, Frieden should be shot in a public square. I’d do it, myself.

  • All traffic into and out of the Dallas region should be suspended. No aeroplanes. No cars. No buses. No trains. The region must be quarantined for a while. To get an idea of what will happen if we’re too politically correct about this problem, just look at how this infection is TOTALLY EXPLODING in West Africa, and don’t give me the line of bullshit that it’s different over there because of how they prepare bodies for burial.

  • Shoot Doctor Tom Frieden, or did I already mention that? As Thomas Eric Duncan is America’s Patient Zero, Tom Frieden is America’s “Doctor Zero.”

This “feels” to me like air turbulence over the Rockies in spring: It starts with a tiny little shake and before you know it, the plane’s bouncing around between the whole stretch, Earth and Heaven!

In some ways, this emerging crisis reminds me of the med fly disaster of 1979 (California). The area of infestation kept widening and widening and widening.

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