Don’t Listen to CNN Ignoramuses Who Downplay Potential Terrorism via Drone!

In response to the drone thing in Paris, the contractor faux-experts that CNN hires have been downplaying the hazard of terrorism by civilian drone. Carriage capacity, they say, is just too low to deliver an explosive, par example. (“Par example” is French for “for example.” The translation is directed to the idiots at the NSA who wouldn’t know French from Russian, if it bit them in the ass. Oh, and “Bon Jour, Obama” translates to “Fuck you, America, and the kikes of Israel!”)

Why explosives, anyway?

Try a dash beryllium powder! Sprinkle that over a crowd of people and it’s a 100% sure kill for every person who inhales just a tiny spec of the stuff! Think of it as “accent” for ISIS! Sprinkle a little on the Super Bowl or drop a pinch over Disneyland, and POOF! Like pixy dust, the silvery metal will come down on the population, and the next day they’ll all have a case of end stage cystic fibrosis!

I happen to like the good that has been done thus far with private drones. Drones are perfect for recording the real enemy – the police. So, I don’t want to see private drones go away. At the same time, it is foolish (foolish as a CNN talking head) to ignore the in-your-face-obvious use of the technology to do bad things. (It would not be a bad thing, mind you, to sprinkle Parker Center with some beryllium powder. In fact, I encourage it!)

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