Cleveland: Effective Policing Requires Education, Not Training!

I am beyond disgusted with American police. They are “trained” to use lethal force. They are “trained,” to a limited degree, about hand to hand combat. They are “trained” to write reports. They are “trained” about arrest procedures. They are “trained” about riot control, and on and on.

Training teaches the trainee how to respond to specific situations. So, now the IDIOTS in Cleveland will “train” police to deal with mental health crises.

The purpose of a well-rounded education is to enable students to logically think through problems that never appear on any standardized test.

WHY aren’t police required to obtain a four-year college degree along with certifications in law enforcement in a similar way that a CPA receives education and certification or a teacher receives education and certification or a nurse receives education and certification? WHY is it that, at most, police departments may require a two-year bullshit college degree, rather than a robust four-year degree?

Four-year college degrees allow people to adjust to differing conditions. Two-year bullshit training degrees don’t.

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