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Supporters of Israel have perpetuated a myth that I always believed true: The Arabs of Transjordan left the area in preparation for an invasion by the militaries of surrounding nations.  Listen to this interview of Henry Siegman, conducted last week by Amy Goodman and Nermeen Shaikh on Democracy Now:

I’ve typed up a transcript:

“You said Hamas is no more a terror organization than the Zionist movement was during its struggle for a Jewish homeland. In the late nineteen-thirties and nineteen-forties, parties within the Zionist movement resorted to terrorist activities for strategic reasons. Could you elaborate on that and what you see as the parallels between the two?”“Well I’m glad I said that. In fact, I repeated it in a letter to the New York Times, the other day – a week or two ago. The fact is that Israel had pre-state – in its pre-state stage – several terrorist groups that did exactly what Hamas does, today. I don’t mean they sent rockets, but they killed innocent people, and they did that and even more targeted way than these rockets do. Uh, Benny Morris published a book that is considered the bible on that particular period – – – the name of the book is ‘The Righteous Victims,’ in which he said – I recall when I read it, I was shocked – uh, in which – particularly in his most recently updated book, which was based on some new information that the Israel’s defense – the IDF’s uh finally uh had to open up and publish – that Israeli generals received direct instructions from Ben Gurion, during the war of independence, to kill civilians – to line them up against the wall and shoot them, in order to help – to encourage the exodus that in fact resulted in over seven-hundred-thousand Palestinians (oops, I think he meant Transjordanians) were driven out of their – left their homes and their towns and villages were destroyed – this was, this was terror, even within not just the terrorist groups, the pre-state terrorist, but this was within the military – the Israeli military that fought the War of Independence, and in his recent book that has received so much public attention by Ari Shavit, uh, he describes several such incidents, too…”

Click here to locate the complete Democracy Now episode within which you may hear more of this interview.

Ben Gurion was apparently a scumbag. Gurion’s leadership was much closer to that of the Nazi SS than anything that one might call righteous.  In fact, I would describe Hamas as more honorable. DISGUSTING! Throughout my life, the generation of my parents (now in their 70s) repeated the whitewashed lies that are no more accurate about Israel than the lies repeated by Holocaust deniers. The only difference is magnitude.

If Hamas blows up the airport named after Ben Gurion (which they’re threatening to do), I’m okay with it. In fact, if I can dig up some dynamite, I’ll send Hamas a few sticks that they can add to their explosives pile, or they may weave my gift into a fashionable Dynamite Belt for use on a Tel Aviv bus! (I hear that summertime winter coats are in again, in Tel Aviv!)

Congratulations to Israel! It seems that they captured one of the killers of the three hitchhiking Israeli stolen-land (oops, I mean “settlement land”) dwellers, and guess what? He’s a top level Hamas militant!

So, does associating “Hamas” with the alleged killer justify the slaughter of two-thousand Palestinians (oops, I mean “Transjordanians”)? Did Israel really need to launch guided missile after guided missile after guided missile in response to useless rockets, launched by Hamas “militants?”


NOT IN MY NAME, and NOT USING MY NATION’S TECHNOLOGY!!!!!  It’s enough of Israel’s regional bombasticism!

I support BDS and I support an ARMS EMBARGO against Israel, a nation that lost its way twenty years ago and never found its way back!  It’s time to send Israel a message: cut the crap, or DIE!

It’s about time. Israel has been misbehaving for years, and please, don’t tell me about the Palestinians (uh, I mean Transjordanians) and their tunnels (which remind me of Jewish resistance tunnels, in Nazi-occupied Warsaw). Transjordanian tunnels have amounted to nothing in the face of Israeli aggression which has killed two-thousand Transjordanian people using American-made guided missiles while Israelis have been protected by a so-called “iron dome,” also made in America.

Yes, it is time to cut off Israeli Jews. They are not at all like me.  Israeli Jews have brought to the Middle East a sickness of brutality from their homelands, particularly Russia.  They’ve become the Pogrom killers and the Nazi death machine that they so loudly criticize.


Thanks to Kugel™ Translate (IDF® Edition), Israeli precision missiles and bombs are able to discern terrorist hideouts from civilian shelters and schools and KILL THE ARAB VERMIN IN THEIR BURROUGHS!

This incident is the latest DISASTER to hurt my heart.  As Jewish people, we were subjected to this very sort of random murder. HOW can we Jewish people do the bidding of the likes of HITLER, so many decades since the great industrial Shoah came to an end?  This truly is the work of the Devil, carried out by a people banished by God from the ancient grounds of Israel.  To gain our return to this land, we have embraced Satan.  I can conjure no other explanation for this obscene filth.