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No country with the technical knowhow to do so should put off making atomic weapons. Had Iraq possessed atomic weapons, then the first George Bush would never have set one foot in Iraq, and even “Junior” would have thought at-least-once with his sub-par, barely-functional left-lobe before bombing Baghdad back to the dawn of civilization.

MEMORANDUM to the government of Iran: Don’t be foolish! Rebuff the demands of the United States. Defend your country against the tyranny of my country!

I just finished a sarcastic update to a post I originally made, yesterday. One of the changes I made was adding a comment about this being Friday, and we’re already past due for “that thick necked guy’s” beheading. After clicking the WordPress “update” button on my post, I looked at the news and discovered that they did it. They beheaded Alan Henning, the man shown in this wexBlog post’s headline file photo, who as a volunteer giving aid is shown holding a little baby. His purpose for being “over there” was to make other people’s lives better.

Iraq has been sadly transformed into a fool’s paradise by our actions, since 2003. The more that we push, the more that “they” push back. Disengagement is the only way to settle the Middle Eastern firestorm that we started. Short of turning the region into an atomic ashtray, we have no means of fixing the problem that we created with our invasion of Iraq. Only those who live there can fix what we broke in a way that suits them, not us.

I hope that western do-gooders understand that the Middle East is off limits. No matter what we do for them, they don’t like what we’ve done to them, and can you blame them? Hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of Iraqis did not deserve to die in Bush’s “war on terror,” and this is payback. Let’s not pay back the payback. Let’s mind our own business and leave those people alone.

Here’s a link:

As for my own crass remarks about Alan Henning, I will leave them to remind myself that sometimes my own heartlessness can go one fibrulation too far. Alan Henning’s death certainly is tragic, as demonstrated by the photo of him joyously holding a little baby and making the world just a tiny bit better. Goodbye, Mr. Henning. So sorry to see you taken far too soon.

NOTE (particularly to my father): My disclosure of self criticism is not an invitation for you to use my words against me.

Yeah, we have learned: George W. Bush fucked the dog when he took the United States to war with Iraq, a country that never attacked us and posed no threat. We have learned that when people are murdered from the air and on the ground by US forces, they retaliate. We may call it terrorism; they call it vengeance!

Get it?

Got it?


Aside from my own family of self-righteous Jews, who in the world is taking this kike seriously? Arabs, according to Nut-And-Yahoo, should take the “first step for peace…”???? WTF is he talking about??? How about if Israel takes the first step back from its latest settlement expansion?

(Heh heh, WordPerfect doesn’t like me using the word, “kike.” That’s because it was written by a poly pure bread, goodie two-shoes, suit and tie wearing, Delta Airlines flying Mormon!)

It’s enough of my fellow Jews of European descent draping themselves with their prayer shawls and declaring themselves righteous because of their sufferings during the Holocaust, given that far more Jews have been born since WWII than were killed in any concentration camp. It’s enough of a “you slap me and I’ll shoot you” policy.


“White House Now Scrutinizing Israeli Requests for Ammunition”

JERUSALEM—White House and State Department officials who were leading U.S. efforts to rein in Israel’s military campaign in the Gaza Strip were caught off guard last month when they learned that the Israeli military had been quietly securing supplies of ammunition from the Pentagon without their approval.

Click here to read the entire WSJ article, and remember: Zionism is not Judaism and Israel is occupied by Eastern European emigres, not Semites. I do not “unconditionally” support Isreal’s misuse of American weapons technology against the indigenous population of Gaza and the West Bank.


Dr. Noam Chomsky on the Zionist Diet:

To direct your browser to the complete Democracy Now interview with Noam Chomsky, click here.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on the Zionist Diet for Palestinians:

We’re well past due in commencing a careful review of Israel’s treatment of the people of Gaza.