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The word, “metrics,” was the mot de la décennie précédente. Managers across the US found a way to use “metrics” at least five times, daily, during the double-aughts.

Now, the word of the moment (not sure if it yet qualifies as the word of the decade) may be “tool.” This seems particularly true of legislators and psychologists. Legislators refer to new restrictions and taxes they wish to impose as “just another tool.” Psychologists refer to self care abstractions in very much the same way. Meditation is now a “tool.”

Keep your ears open. The word’s been bouncing around for several years, and now it seems to have reached a loud crescendo.



From today’s Los Angeles Times:

The forces at work to foil a western high speed Metroliner rail program will stop at nothing to “derail” the project. In particular, the airlines, including American, Delta, United Continental, and Southwest want nothing less than an end to the idea of highspeed rail transit between San Francisco/Oakland/San Jose and Los Angeles/Long Beach/Santa Ana/Ontario. How many flights go wheels-up, per hour, between those airports? I’d bet that an interregional Metroliner would wipe out 50% of the air service presently offered.

To get an idea of the underhanded filth in the airline industry, take a look at this excerpt from a Wikipedia article about how Southwest Airlines put the kibosh on highspeed rail for the Texas Triangle:


What I find so curious is how deference is paid by legislators to the likes of Southwest Airlines, McDonalds, and Comfort and Clarion motels at the expense of the larger economy and the environment. Yet, individual citizens receive no deference from elected officials who make macro economic decisions that can quickly negate any individual training or educational self-investment. In other words, legislators are not at all bothered about pulling the economic rug out from under large numbers of people, but the same is not true for small numbers of big businesses. Legislators are more than willing to hurt large numbers of single citizens. They are, however, not willing to do the same with small numbers of big companies, no matter the huge benefits to society, if they do.

That is completely unjust. It is completely unfair. Why should any state be so willing to damage itself in the name of big companies but fail to support single citizens who are much larger as a collective group?

I’ve been meaning to have a little fun with the Latest Angry Muslim Group of the Middle East: ISIS!

If you’re my age, and you lived in the United States in the mid-1970s, then you know the show! I admit that I watched Oh Mighty “Isis,” every Saturday morning. It followed immediately after SHAZAM, which I watched, too!

Click here for a Youtube upload of the opening to Isis (rated NB for “No Beheadings”)!!!

(00:49) Listen to what Isis stands for: “Dedicated foe of evil, defender of the weak, champion of truth and justice.” Modern “ISIS” would claim the same values.

Most American news reporters, nowadays, are about my age. I am confident that they nearly choke every time that they refer to the Islamic group with the same name as what was likely also one of their preferred mid-70s Saturday morning TV shows. Maybe, that is why they’re trying desperately to figure out another name, like IS or ISIL for the group. The other possibility is that they don’t want to get sued by Filmation Associates (if the firm still exists).

God, it seems that the 70s really were better days.

I fully disagree with an escalation of US hostilities in the Middle East, particularly in response to the beheading of James Foley who:

  • Had already been kidnapped in Libya, one year earlier
  • Was rescued from the Libya kidnapping episode
  • Chose to return to the field, fully knowing the risks

Also, people should keep in mind that the United States supported ISIS when backing the so-called “Arab Spring.” My previous wexBlog is no longer accessible, but in it I asked the question: Who are we supporting? Now, we know, don’t we? Remember, also, that one man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter. Furthermore, given few resources for a military campaign, grizzly beheadings may be used in place of more photogenic missiles for committing murder. Which is more barbaric, however: a sterile missile strike or a mano a garganta killing? At least in the case of a beheading, the killer knows exactly who is being killed. Missiles are indiscriminate, no matter how precise.

Finally, MEMO TO ISIS: your work is over-produced and hardly believable.

This from RT:

A 91-year-old Dutch man who was honored with Israel’s Righteous Among the Nations medal for rescuing a Jewish boy during WWII, has returned the award, after he learnt his six relatives were killed in the Gaza strip by an Israeli missile.

Click here for a direct link to the article.

The founders of the nation-state of Israel believed enough in their own gravitas to declare someone righteous. After all, they who were the survivors of the Great Sho’ah avoided death as they passed through the most mechanized murder machine ever devised, and they therefore knew an evil seemingly unlike any other. So, no matter how Israel was first formed, those who fled Europe and helped to form it had a special kind of credibility — indeed, a very rare sort of ethos that permits the power to declare righteous those who risked so much to save just a few. The trouble is that most Sho’ah survivors are now dead, and today, the meaning of the medal of righteousness no longer carries mettle, given Israel’s inhumane bombasticism that weakens and crumbles its very foundation to the consistency and load capacity of a sand castle. Israel has accumulated a history demonstrating standards just a few strikes before par with Nazi Germany.

Every time I consider the current conflict between Arab Muslims and the European Jews of Israel, globus sensations well up inside of me. This is tragedy in every way possible. It is tragic for the dead. It is tragic for the righteous. It is tragic for us, those who helplessly watch a nation that now murders in our name.