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This case reminds me of letterbomb cases (yes, Mr. Bowdich, I said “LETTERBOMB”) where the killer puts his device in the mail and does nothing to stop the consequences. This is worse in a way than a Kaczynski Kare pacKage because peanut butter, the transmission vector, ended up in children’s lunch boxes more often than anyplace else.

Something tells me that there are lots of parents planning a way for this guy to commit “suicide” during his stay in the federal joint!


People who should be paranoid about bombs are those who live under American drone-infested skies. We are the real bombers, flying murder machines over Middle Eastern cities controlled by video gamers reclined in LaZboy chairs at air-conditioned offices in Pahrump, NV!

Bill Maher really needs to shut the fuck up while he’s still ahead!

Scott Walker is a PIG from Wisconsin who introduced union lockout legislation, called “Right to Work.” He is what has gone wrong with America. His goal is to make the rich richer, and sweat the little guy for as much as can be!

Watch this “Divide and Conquer” moment from 2011:! What a FUCKING PIG this guy is, and who is this BATTLEAXE, Diane Hendricks, anyway? What a CUNT!

Donald Trump has been a positive influence on the Republican presidential discussion. He’s the kid who informs the emperor that he’s been hoodwinked! Donald Trump is the only person with the nerve to point out that blood’s coming from the Republican Party’s “wherever!”

Here’s a link:

Corporate powers are praying (and pushing hard) for a Biden v. Fiorina general presidential election. I am praying for a Sanders v. Trump general election. Both Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders will prove better presidents than we’ve had in a long, long time.

Given what the “men and women” of the US military did to Iraq, I truly feel that suicide is their best option.

Also, look at the effect that US military personnel have had on America’s civilian police. More beatings! More shootings! More tazings! More armored vehicles! More semiautomatic rifles! More high capacity pistols!

Suicide is the best option for contemporary US service personnel.