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The realities of transexuality are bound to become more bizarre than they already are. What would happen if a husband and wife decided to completely switch places, with the husband becoming the wife and the wife becoming the husband, right down to the physical stuff? What would be the point? What would be the reaction of the typical American Christian Clergencia? What would Pastors PRick Warren or John Hagee tell their flocks to think? I mean, you could have the same husband and wife, just switching roles. It could happen, and it would be hard to call it “sin,” given a biologically matched pair already married through the Church.

Medical intervention is adding a new layer of abstraction to the already abstract nature of human sexuality.

I do not have the mental strength to maintain the long term mindset necessary to turn this plot into a book, but I invite someone to take the idea and run with it!

Times are getting weirder by the minute, I’d say!