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I’ve never given much thought to potential dangers in the real estate business. To me, it’s a profession right up there with apple pie and baseball. House hunting is a family affair (boring as it is, like shopping for a new mattress), even when the customer is single. It’s safer than re-shelving books at the library, or at least that’s what I’ve always thought. Apparently, Jack the Ripper disagrees.

For me, Meet the Press was staple viewing going back as far as age four or five. Four or five? Yes. On a rare Sunday in those early days, I was left with my Uncle Jacques who always has been transfixed by Sunday political shows. At the time, I found boring and dry what Uncle Jacques was tuned into. Yet, like with a religious ritual, my own interest with political television set in as I grew. Until a year ago and true to form, if it was Sunday, it was Meet the Press. The only difference was how and at what time I received it: anytime, and via my laptop computer rather than television.

In my opinion, the decline of Meet the Press began with Tim Russert. I do not necessarily blame him, though the show’s anchor persons are not absolved. The real problem comes from General Electric’s ownership of NBC and advertising underwriters of Meet the Press, such as Boeing. Meet the Press certainly wouldn’t “press” GE on its Fukushima atomic power plants, or the use of aerial war machines driven by GE turbine engines, would it?

Meet the Press was once part of the news gathering arm of NBC. Through a length of quite some time, maybe twenty years, the show has been transformed into a deliverer of tepid propaganda. Chuck Todd will serve as little more than the latest reason for why “if it’s Sunday” it won’t necessarily be “Meet the Press,” anymore.