Ray Tensing is a University of Cincinnati PIG who MURDERED a motorist. He has been indicted, but he should already be dead. Here’s a fact to think about:

Ray Tensing Must Die!

Ray Tensing lied in his police report about his encounter with his victim, stating that the victim was driving away, and tensing was being dragged along with the victim’s car. Actually, what happened is that “Officer” Tensing shot the victim IN THE HEAD, and the DEAD VICTIM’s leg applied pressure to the throttle of the car in question, AFTER the victim’s brains were spattered by Ray’s bullet.

A police coverup is even worse than the original act.

Here’s an ancillary fact:

Ray Tensing’s cohorts also lied in police reports, supporting Tensing’s false claim. Tensing’s partner PIGs should be charged with “accessory to commit murder” and “lying on a police report.” They should be fired from their jobs, now, and they should be sent away to the Big House for at least FIVE YEARS because of their involvement in the CONSPIRACY to lie.

Ray Tensing, himself, must be killed by a vigilante firing squad!

Ray! Come out with your hands up! Come on, Ray, don’t make the New Black Panthers come in your house and kill your entire family! If you cooperate, we’ll get this over with, quick!


Both, universal justice and conspiracy, and it’s about fucking time!

Here’s a clue:

“Or it may have been a problem with the brakes.”

Here’s a link: http://www.bbc.com/news/uk-england-33745057

It’s a plot straight out of a 1970s made-for-Saturday-night-TV-movie. Back then, brake lines were getting cut more often than the necks of those who oppose ISIS, today! Send in Columbo! (We miss you, Peter Falk!)