Here’s a screen shot across Israel’s bow:

Yes, Israel must be destroyed. Last summer was it. For me that is when my silence came to an end! Israel had again “mowed the lawn,” which is a euphemism straight out of Joe Goebbels’s personal dictionary. How DARE Israel resort to its own flavor of “Special Treatment!” Israel was created in response to the “Special Treatment” inflicted on Jews during WWII, and yet the descendants of those Jews who fled Europe after the Holocaust, bound for the then-newly-founded-state, are now following Joe Goebbels’s play book and calling their play, “mowing the lawn!”

Not in my name, you don’t!
Not In My Name, You Don’t!!

I do not believe that the WWII era Nazis would have made it as far as they did, if only there had been in 1938 something called Youtube. Today, while Israel inflicts one offensive insult after another against the people of Palestine, the rest of the world gets to watch in HORROR! We get to see just what it looks like when one group of people wields immense power against another group of people who have nothing.

From a distance, we get to see the theft of water rights.

We get to see the theft of land with its conversion into unrighteous settlements.

We get to see bullets fly in response to rocks, and guided missiles in response to rockets!

We get to see calorie counting Jews putting Palestinians on a “diet.” Where have we heard that one before?

Last year, Israel took its last shekel of credibility from my pocket. Israel squandered that credibility so it could “mow the lawn,” yet again. Then, came ISIS.

ISIS will destroy Israel because Israel must be destroyed.

Yes, Israel must be destroyed, and ISIS will destroy Israel.

Time is coming to a close for Israel, and the mighty hand of God will crush Israel using the left hands of ISIS warriors. One Israeli head after another will soon be cut clean from its body and placed on the small of the back. One after another, those trophies will be displayed for the world to see, as they are presented to God in deferential sacrifice to Him, demonstrating thanks to Him for His instilling the courage and strength needed to fight back against the breakers of the Covenant: those who have stolen and murdered, and done so in His name!

Things are proceeding quicker than I thought. I’ve been talking “five years out.” Now it looks more like “five months out!”

!إسرائيل يجب أن تدمر
!إسرائيل يجب أن تدمر
!إسرائيل يجب أن تدمر

Israel must be destroyed!
Israel must be destroyed!
Israel must be destroyed!

Last summer was it for me. Israel went way over the line with its radically heavy handed attack on Gaza, blowing up UN schools serving as shelters, and it was the last straw for me. I cannot sit quietly and watch as Israel does to Gaza as the Nazis did to Warsaw.

While Hitlary Clinton has received vast sums of money from corporate boosters, I believe that she will lose the Democratic presidential primary to Bernie Sanders because it’s not always about spending money. No politician has spent more time in public forums than Bernie Sanders has, responding to people’s questions, comments, and concerns. What can be called “Bernie Seeds” are already spread thickly across the entire United States. For those who don’t know who Bernie Sanders is, they will come to know who he is, and not by slick advertising. Everyone has a friend or a relative who already knows.

So, big spending won’t be necessary for Bernie Sanders to attract votes because he has already spent vast amounts of time doing what political representatives are supposed to do: listen, analyze, and respond.

(Consider me a Radicalized Auxiliary Member of the Islamic State Caliphate!)

The Islamic State Caliphate is on its way to soon save the people of Gaza from the PIGs of Tel Aviv and West Jerusalem who stole land that wasn’t theirs using weaponry provided by Nations of The Cross! Here’s a link to the Good News out of NBC:

I am so seriously looking forward to the beginnings of the Knesset Beheadings! I’m cheering for the Islamic State Caliphate!

Go Lefty,
Go Lefty,
Go Lefty!

I can’t wait to see the European PIGs of Israel make their annual payments of Jizyah to the Islamic State Caliphate! It’s either pay your Jizyah or you get the boobie prize behind Door Number Two which may include a (shortened) lifetime supply of left-handed shaves, a short ride in a car of your dreams, a free swimming lesson, a get-out-of-det-free cord, or a tanning so deep you’ll swear you’re burning to death!

Allahu Akbar!