What could possibly give anyone the idea that Dylann Storm Roof would hate black people? No, he attacked that church full of black people because it was a Christian church. It had nothing whatsoever to do with racism! Dylann just doesn’t like Christians! Look at this picture and decide for yourself:

Clearly, there is nothing in this picture that highlights a hatred toward black people! Highlight one thing for me that would suggest that Dylann Storm Roof would have any animosity toward black people, and I’ll mail you a Dylann Dollar!

Nobody wants to talk about the OVERSIZED ELEPHANT in the room: Overpopulation! The Catholic Church is one of the biggest contributors to overpopulation. The argument that we’ve got to all make-do with less to make room for more is pure BULLSHIT! The PRIMARY cause of climate change is not a per-capita increase in the production of CO2, but a global increase in the production of CO2 by an ever increasing number of people producing CO2.

Pope Francis, baby! The historic curves of population and CO2 are about the same, and it’s not a coincidence! Please, Pope Francis, cut your church’s support of population growth!

I am lucky to live in a country that has yet to brim over. While the devaluation of human labor has adversely affected me and many of my generation, at least I can find open spaces to sit in, quietly, where I neither see nor hear anybody around me. In China and India, the opposite is true. No land is undisturbed by people who crawl like ants in every corner, and the sky is so thick with pollution as to make possible midday direct viewing of the sun by the naked eye.

Humanity has been able to grow only by borrowing against the future of the sea and the air. Now, the world’s oceans are becoming sterile, and the atmosphere is thick with smoke in places to where industry has moved in its avoidance of rules to curtail its most noxious effluents. The buildup of carbon dioxide is subtle when compared to the filth of unfiltered factory and automotive exhaust. People die in caves because they don’t notice dangerous levels of carbon dioxide until it’s too late to escape. The same is true of carbon dioxide as it affects Earth’s temperatures.

As a whole, our species is the proverbial frog in a pot of water being slowly heated by a flame, beneath. We feel no change, and we turn our backs on what we intellectually know. We are as the Russian raiders of an atomic waste dump were, who ignored posted signs warning of the presence of invisible radiation so as to acquire valuable radionuclides, and who would die days later. We are as the burglar who dies soon after entering a Vikane-fumigated home to turn a quick theft-driven profit.

Everywhere, nature has posted warning signs: Overpopulation leads to extinction. Over reproduce at your own peril.

Westerners finance third-world over reproduction by industrializing lands upon which impoverished people live, who are willing to destroy the natural world, immediately improving their lives while reproducing like rabbits set free in the forests of New Zealand.

In the 1960s, the American Peace Corps taught people of the third world not how to fish, but how to over fish, not how to build, but how to overbuild. They failed to warn, however, of the dangers of overbuilding and over fishing. Now, this kumbaya moment is brought to you by the future destruction of human civilization.

So, Pope Francis: I love you, but until you can admit that your flock has a population problem, I need you to shut the fuck up.

Thank you!

I am amazed by what can go on when I close my eyes and fall asleep:

I wonder if they’ll escalate the national “Threatcon” level after a WHITE man MURDERS a bunch of BLACK people at a BLACK church! Of course not. This is a problem with which the “black community” must contend.

Fuck worrying about Muslims. The real danger in America comes from my fellow WHITES, particularly WHITE GUN-LOVING (probably ZIONIST) CHRISTIANS — the same assholes who like coffee klatching at Starbucks with rifles slung over their shoulders!

On a separate matter, I wish I could go back to having a skinny body, like that of the “gunman” shown in the photo, without having to work for it. Oh, to be a 17yo with a 27″ waist, again. Pass me the bennies, please!

Except for my excitement about what may happen next with those two lifers who broke out of the joint, in New York, I don’t find the jailbreak story very interesting. That of the woman who is accused of helping the escaped killers also does not interest me. I know the type. I have known a few (as in three) ladies who fell for imprisoned lifers. I find bizarre the women who “marry” long-term prison inmates, and how they speak of their “husbands.” Those stories screech in my mind with the same annoyance as the narratives of people who sexually transform via surgery and a lifetime, thereafter, pop pills meant for controlling birth. Very strange, indeed they are.

Nonetheless, this picture of prison employee Joyce Mitchell is interesting because it shows a general national trend away from the orange jumpsuit purchased by prison garb buyers for at least the last twenty-five years. I often wonder if this prison fashion change has anything to do with the use of orange by ISIS decapitateurs. Has Jihad “Lefty” John left his mark on the American prison industrial complex? I hope so.

NEVER hire someone with an illness that requires coddling, or you’ll be sorry! From MS to lupus to pancreatic cancer, supporting the person with failing health is extremely frustrating. Frustration directly correlates with the person’s relative centrality to an endeavor. The more the reliance, the more the, ummm, hurt!

To me, there is something ethically wrong with making one’s own illness everybody else’s illness. There’s a point in life when it’s time to retire.

Israel must be liquidated. Israel is a cancer on the Middle East. Israel spreads tendrils that it calls settlements. Israel consumes all of the resources around it, leaving none for the natural population. Israel obviously kills obvious children. Israel blows up UN schools. Israel is demonic. Israel is evil. Israel is a thief. Israel lies. Israel manipulates.

Israel must be destroyed.

If the political apparatus is unwilling to address police brutality, then it is up to the citizenry to do the heavy lifting. That is why I will always oppose any dilution of the Second Amendment of the US Constitution.

I can only hope that somehow my rhetoric is a contributing factor in this attempted PIG slaughter! Unfortunately, our hero in this case failed to actually slaughter any PIGs, and he never set off his explosives.

Do I have to write a step-by-step manual for super hero police cleansers? The first step is to take aim!