Westerners! You started this. You’ve been on the offensive since you established that beach head you call Israel. You have supported that POS of a strip of land with repeated bombings of the region. When opposition has arisen and faught back, you’ve attacked with more force.

In response, every single attack by Middle Easterners on Westerners and nations that quarter western military forces is deserved.

Remember that PIG of a judge, last week? “Honorable” Gosnell? That’s the Southern SCUMBAG who has no problem yelling the word, NIGGER, from his position of authority!

Well, guess what? It looks like “Honorable” Gosnell has quietly “stepped down.” Now, he’ll have more time to, ahem, spend with his family!

Here’s a link: http://www.wach.com/news/story.aspx?id=1222314#.VYxBfBt3nVQ

I am a serial killer groupie, and I like well staged murders.

Across the WWW, I’ve made suggestions that ISIS should get a little more creative about how prisoners are killed. The beheadings were becoming monotonous for me. Specifically, I have suggested two techniques of the three new ones that ISIS recently demonstrated: putting captives into one of those cages of theirs and lowering the cage into a pool of water; and, blowing captives heads off with det-cord. It’s amazing how my creative thoughts so often come true. While I’d like to think that ISIS got those ideas from me, I doubt that they regularly read my comments, and I wouldn’t dare sue them for intellectual property theft, even if I could. Besides, I’ve always wanted to see those two killing methods employed, and holy crap! They did it, and then some, with a third method added: using an RPG to set a car afire with four captives locked inside!

The RPG and drowning segments are quite severe. In both, captives can be heard screaming until they lose consciousness or run out of air, and yes, it is apparently possible to scream and be heard under water.

This is the most brutal, most gory, and most disturbing video I’ve ever seen done for real, and I watched it while eating dinner, last night! (Really, I did!) This is a very unique snuff video! Though less creative, Larry “Scream, baby, scream!” Bittaker is possibly the only killer I know of who was more brutal toward his victims than ISIS executioners are toward theirs.

I have often said that if viewing murder-porn was illegal, then I’d be eligible for an LWOP prison sentence. I’ve certainly watched enough of it. However, it’s legal, and visiting bestgore.com has become my favorite way to unwind at the end of the day.

Here are two more requests for ISIS: In one sequence, try lowering that drowning cage of yours part way into a pool and then apply an electric current – if possible, in small jolts. Make those captives dance like John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever! In another sequence, inject a fairly strong (but not too strong) acid into a captive (for an example, run a Youtube search for: iran dog acid injection), and watch the captive die, slowly while screaming.

Here’s a link to the most current snuff video of ISIS: http://www.bestgore.com/execution/isis-video-three-group-captive-execution-exceptional-brutal-mean/

The video ends with one prisoner, his hands tied behind his back, looking at the results of the det-cord experiment, and presumably knowing that he’s up next.

To be continued!

For people who think that what ISIS is doing is wrong, think carefully. How does one most effectively convince people not to fight against a cause? Show potential advrersaries what happens to prisoners of the cause. The fact is that a small fighting force must use every technique known and unknown to man to win a war. Nothing can be off limits in a battle of the planets.

The endless narrative continues of weaponized police killing unarmed innocent citizens, deemed guilty.

Four days have gone by, and the LAPD refuses to release the names of the LAPD Attack Dogs who shot an unarmed citizen supposedly approaching them “aggressively.” Thanks to a lack of video, the Attack Dogs can make up any story that they wish.

What I want to know is, did the police who were involved in this shooting participate in combat operations in Afghanistan or Iraq? Were they at all military-trained US armed forces veterans?

Military personnel are trained to view everything and everyone as an improvised explosive device, or IED. Except, this is not Iraq, and it’s not Afghanistan!

How can members of a spree killer’s untouched family be the killer’s “other” victims, after he guns down nine people in a church? That would be when the killer and his family are WHITE, the NINE VICTIMS are BLACK, and the case is presided over by “Honorable” Judge James Gosnell! Let’s double check that with the “Honorable” jurist!

Judge James Gosnell Hates NIGGERS!

There are four kinds of people in this world: Whites; Blacks; Rednecks; and Niggers! Yes, he did say that IN COURT while wearing his Judicial Bathrobe, in 2003!

Here’s a link: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2015/06/20/james-gosnell-racist-word_n_7628398.html

What a FUCKING PIG, and before saying that lots of people use the word, nigger, remember: THIS WAS SAID FROM ON HIGH IN COURT! And you thought the court system fair and just?