high-end homeowners are putting their properties on the market

Mark my words: In six months time, or sooner, many for-sale signs will pop in a neighborhood near you. Article after article that I’ve read, as well as my own personal (and very local) observations are screaming that the real estate market is starving for inventory. The field of American real estate economics, being bipolar, is about to enter a new manic phase. Brangelina’s announced property sale is one of many that I’ve seen just in the last week or so.

If you’re gonna sell, right now is the time to do it. Otherwise, wait about seven years.

Look at this: Daimler’s 18-wheel bomb delivery device!

modern truck bomb no human needed automatic killing machine perfect for terrorism osama bin laden eat your heart out

Isn’t it beautiful? Right now, Timothy McVeigh is smiling up at us! WOOHOO!!!!!! Bombs away, baby, bombs away! No longer do you need to find a drooling pre-teen retard to drive your death wagon for you! I wonder when Ryder Truck will start carrying this baby! I’ve got a pocket full of ISIS friends who are ready to shell out hard dinars for the first one off the assembly line! They wanted to know, however, if this truck has cruise control and whether it requires a class-A license to operate. Also, where can they get truck driving lessons for this thing? They only need to know how to program it. They don’t need to know how to park it or anything like that!

Click here to view an article on the self driving truck(bomb)!

At Hewlett Packard, Carly “The Cunt” Fiorina disastrously decided to acquire Compaq. That put HP on a dead-end track. To slow the company’s fall, Carly “The Titless” Fiorina liquidated thirty thousand people from HP/Compaq’s payroll, and she paid herself a bonus for doing it!

My parakeets have bigger milk jugs than Fiorina has business sense! WHO supports this flat chested frump in her move for the Republican presidential nomination?

God bless America. I pray for Fiorina’s breast cancer relapse!