Unpatriotic Patriot Act Must Die

In all of the “leaked” documents pulled from the Snowden files, there is not one example of the Patriot Act promoting safety for Americans. Instead, the Patriot Act has turned the American government into something more like the government of East Germany. It’s time for that ill-constructed law to die.

The Patriot Act, part of George “War” Bush’s nationalist agenda, is perpetuated by the government of Barack “Hussein” Obama. It is an evil act. It must die.

“The Silk Road” seems a logical name, to me, for the website that has now led one man to face spending the rest of his life in federal prison. For the reader who is unaware, the Silk Road was (and still is) a connection between Asia and North Africa. From China to Saudi Arabia, the ancient Silk Road passes through nations with some of the most draconian laws. Now, the Silk Road passes, too, through Manhattan, New York.

Congratulations, America; yours is a culture that is very much akin to those of other totalitarian nations along the Silk Road of the Third World!

What a shit hole the United States has become.

Mark my words, Israel is “this close” to pushing up mushrooms! Atomic mushrooms, that is!!!

If I am right, and the Islamic State gets its left hands on Pakistan’s atomic weapons, then it’s over for Israel. What I mean by that is: The party’s over for Israel, and millions of so-called Israelis will be killed, and Bible prophesy will be fulfilled (minus the return of Jesus, of course).

Nations that have the capacity to build atomic weapons and systems to deliver them are nations that are too stable to risk a nuclear war. So, Pakistan could never lob a nuclear missile at Israel because there’d be a return address attached. However, when you’re a state without a state — when you’re conceptual, when you’re ISIS, it’s impossible for the recipient of your attack to respond in kind. Moreover, ISIS fighters are fully prepared to die for the ISIS cause. They don’t fear retaliation.

I’m keeping my fingers crossed. I have the highest hopes that the Islamic State will acquire and utilize the atomic weapons of Pakistan to wipe out Israel!

The generation of war babies (the generation of my parents) was convinced that if open trade could be established with China, then the United States could guide far eastern international policies.

They were dead wrong. The only things that my parents’ generation achieved with their support of giving away American industry to China were the destruction of the American dream and financial empowerment of imperial Chinese regional rule.

The money spent by the Chinese to construct artificial islands in the Pacific Ocean is derived from Chinese-made goods sold openly in the United States.

The vast majority of Saudi Arabians starve while the “Royal Family” flies around the world in personal A380 aircraft, drinking alcohol, fucking high class prostitutes, and wearing western clothes. I would not give a rat’s ass about any of that, except that the sonofabitches put on their traditional ‘stumes and pretend to be something that they are not when they are within the borders of their country. They are hypocrites. Worse yet, the lavish lifestyles that they enjoy are paid for with public money: revenue gained from the sale of their nation’s resources.

I very honestly hope that ISIS overthrows the completely-unfair Saudi Arabian establishment. I look forward to seeing “King” Salman’s head on a silver platter, and I expect that the two Lefties will not disappoint! Seriously, if I had their mailing address, then I’d head down to Mexico, and I would mail a couple of hundred dollars to the two Lefties to help finance their cause. (Why Mexico? Because the case would be very slippery for the US Attorney’s Office to prosecute, given that the “crime” of providing material support to the “terrorists” would occur outside the borders of the United States.)

On its surface, ISIS is quite unattractive, but it is a manifestation of justice. It is a response to a US policy that has favored Israel for at least sixty years. It is a response to the MURDERS committed by the United States in places, like Iraq, using drones. It is a response to the inequity experienced by people in places, like Saudi Arabia.

While I don’t think that I’d want to find myself surrounded by the two Lefties and their associates, given the fact that I will not convert to their claimed religious belief system, I like what they stand for: flipping all of the tables of the Middle East upside-down! Seriously, a conflagratory regional revolution is overdue! To those who stand in the way of ISIS, I ask: Have you lost your head (YET)?

Allahu Akbar!

Marine toilets are problematic, I’ll say. I am NOT in the mood to deal with this!

[Update! (20:00 UTC)]

Hallelujah! A gallon of Clorox poured down the toilet’s gullet (after dumping the holding tank) and an hour’s wait (dis)solved the problem. A complete water refill of the tank, and another dump, and whoosh! PROBLEM GONE!

I really expected this to be much uglier than it turned out. Part of the good fortune is probably related to my use of RV/Marine toilet paper. So, the Clorox reacted much better than under other circumstances.

I vaguely remember some PSY master’s student at CSULB getting into a shitstorm of trouble because she used bullshit data for a study. I was taking a stats class in PSY at the time. So, the incident was sort-of in my face. Plus, I was an avid consumer of the Daily 49er, and that controversy filled several front pages during that semester. I believe it was the spring of 1989?

As I remember it, the student ended up being kicked out of CSULB, and that’s really bad. To go to so much trouble in the lead up to conducting a study only to lose it all is about as bad as things can get. You walk away with no credential. Your credibility is damaged. The opportunity cost is huge.

Grad students must maintain objectivity when conducting a study. The point of a thesis is not to prove a point. It is to make statements of fact based on solid data. That’s it! It doesn’t matter what one believes. The goal is to seek objective truth.

Do I really “love” ISIS? Sort-of. We’re getting what we asked for. Ultimately, we may see a silver lining in this grey cloud: a united front against Israel.

Let us not forget that Benjamin Netanyahu spoke convincingly before the US House of Representatives in favor of the Iraq War, in 2002. True justice would be ISIS blowback on Israel, and that may come. I hope that it does.