I pledge Allegiance to the flag
of the Islamic State of the Middle East
and to the Caliphate for which it stands,
one FURIOUS nation under Allah,
with beheadings and firings
for all ZionKike invaders!


While I truly love rattling people’s cages with my comments, this really is not about having fun and messing with people’s minds. Injustice has been perpetrated against the people of the Middle East by Europeans since at least as long ago as 1200 Anno Domini. Israel is just the latest insult.

I’m in a few G+ circles that include people who truly believe that the Holocaust did not happen. About that, I will never agree. It’s an absurd claim when one can dig a few feet down at Auschwitz to find the ashes of the dead.

Yet, the truly anti-Jewish Holocaust deniers and I share one common belief: Israel must go. Where it goes, I don’t really care, but it must go.

The mass murder perpetrated in Europe against eleven million people, from ’38 to ’45, does not justify the creature of injustice that has overgrown its originally stolen plot of land, siphoning the life out of the cultures of the West Bank and the Gaza Strip.

Before last summer, I was only mildly offended by Israel. Since, I have become virulently angry at that fake country that is declared to have been established in my name as some sort of safe harbor for me.

I will never set one foot on that filthy garbage dump, unless it is first swept clean.

Yes, I agree with Netanyahu: there should be NO ISRAEL/PALESTINE TWO STATE SOLUTION! Israel should be liquidated, and Palestine should be rightfully established, representing all peoples of Judea and Samaria, a group who’d lived peacefully with each other for millennia, but then the European Jews came! I’ll take it a step further: I now agree with the retired White House news reporter, Helen Thomas, who has said that (Jewish) Europeans should go home (and if they don’t have a home, they can replace the Palestinian refugees, now living in Jordan, who’ll be moving back to their homeland of Palestine).

God bless Judea and Samaria, and liquidate the Jewish-European-move-in-moochers who’ve destabilized the world for nearly seventy very long years by stealing other people’s land!

I’m a Jew. I’m just not "that" kind of a Jew!

Here’s a link: http://anything2mp3.com

I’ve been using youtube-mp3.org to retrieve mp3 tracks from YouTube videos for at least a couple of years. It’s not to get around copyright. It’s because sometimes I want to listen to something while riding my bicycle or carrying out some other activity, during which I cannot connect to the internet without paying vast sums of money to a cellular carrier. Unlimited cellular connection plans used to be available, but no more, for whatever the reason.

Anyway, youtube-mp3.org limits audio track lengths to twenty minutes. So, when Gerald Celente decides to go on a rant of twenty-one minutes, instead of twenty minutes, I’m tethered to an internet connection until the video concludes because I cannot retrieve it and listen to it offline. For me, that is frustrating.

However, I have now found anything2mp3.com, which appears to be the first real alternative that claims to provide mp3 files of any length, taken from YouTube and many other web sites, too. The anything2mp3.com website is the first to actually work the way it says, without installing some piece of mal-ware onto my computer’s hard disc. (YEAH!)

So, it’s goodbye to youtube-mp3.org and hello to anything2mp3.com, and good riddance to limitations!

Bring back the quarantine!!!!!

Then came vaccines for most non-sexually communicable infections. With vaccination, quarantine in the name of public health went by the wayside. Not all communicable diseases are preventable or mitigable by vaccination, however, and sometimes there is still a need for quarantine. Though not fatal, the common cold continues its reign over the winter months, happily spreading itself during Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years, and then there’s ebola, one of the least attractive of all infections. There’s buggly, and then there’s SUPER-BUGGLY, and ebola is SUPER-BUGGLY!

Last year, ebola came to America for the first time, and with it came a nurse who was unsure whether she was carrying the agent, but she decided that she didn’t give a rat’s ass. She would be as free as you and me, possibly infecting everyone around her. That ebola nurse, Kaci Hickox, declared it her constitutional right to shit all over the rest of society, potentially infecting others with ebola after treating people infected with it, in Africa. She followed in the footsteps of Dr. Craig Spencer who frolicked through the NYC subway system before checking into a hospital with his own bad case of that awful infection.

I took violent exception to Nurse Kaci and Dr. Craig’s activities, and I am glad that neither of the two lives in my neighborhood, because I’d have thermited their houses. I’d have sent them both straight to hell by way of fire, just like ISIS did to that Jordanian pilot who got what he deserved. Both of those medical non-professionals should be killed, even now, for their total lack of regard for the rest of us. They are "patient-zeros" with an attitude problem!

Now, members of the Well Educated White Trash Bourgeoisie community are choosing to opt out of vaccinating their children, fearing that vaccination programs are one part of a grand conspiracy of the Illuminati and the Bilderbergs, along with that aerial spraying program of theirs. (What matchbook universities graduated such imbeciles, I wonder?)

So, when snotnosed little roaches of anti-vaccine parents pick up a nasty disease, it’s off to Disneyland to spread the excitement. The problem is that vaccines can only be administered at, about, or after certain ages. A case in point is measles, the vaccine for which is administered around a child’s sixth month of life, after having been born. Thus, those against vaccination endanger the most vulnerable class: that of newborn infants.

Quarantine goes back at least as far as the era of the Black Plague, around 1346 Anno Domini/Common Era. There’s nothing new about it. Why was it ever eliminated? I will reiterate my speculation that public health officials no longer saw a threat posed by diseases, preventable by vaccination, because the communicable agents were seen as contained or virtually eradicated, but things have apparently changed with large spreads of measles via large public venues. So, let’s bring back the quarantine for households infected with measles and other truly dangerous illnesses that can easily be passed from one person to another. A quarantine rule would sequester people known to be infected by a disease, and it would also prompt some anti-vaccinators to sing a different tune.

People do have the right to avoid vaccination, but they don’t have the right to walk around spreading their diseases to children who are too young for vaccinations, or people who cannot receive vaccinations at all, or people who have compromised immune systems! I know that if I were the father of a newborn child, killed by a communicable disease transmitted by a known person who should have been vaccinated, the gloves would come off, and the torch would be lit!

Got a problem with that? Tell it to Allah, or file a complaint with the FBI, but get in line because there are many people already ahead of you, filing their own complaints and praying for my own damnation to hell!

Allahu Akbar!

Senator Bernie Sanders is now too old to be the next president of the United States.

Truth be told: We are mortal, and Senator Bernie Sanders would be older than Ronald Reagan upon entering a first term of office as the United States chief executive, and we know how that last worked out. I don’t want to watch Senator Sanders’s wife whispering instructions into his presidential ear on policies, foreign or domestic, given by the family astrologer unless I become the astrologer to the Sanders family.