From oil companies to governments, a lack of preparation has led to layoffs and social service cutbacks. It’s not the low cost of oil that’s at fault, nor is it one of institutional socialism. It’s all about spinelessness and stupidity at the top. The following is a rough draft of my thoughts on the subject:

Warning: I am an equal opportunity hater. To get into my closed mind, you must proceed with one that is open!

Just because you’re Muslim doesn’t mean you’re Palestinian. There are African Muslims. There are Asian Muslims. There are American Muslims.

The same is true for Jews.

Just because you’re Jewish doesn’t mean you’re Judean. There are African Jews (European-Israeli Kikes call them Swartzas, and don’t accept them as pedigree material for the Chosen Land). There are Asian Jews. (Is an Asian Jew a Slant-Eyed-Samarian?) There are American Jews [most of whom don’t practice their inherited religion, just their War on Islam (DAD)].

Just because you’re a Jew doesn’t mean you’re from Judea or Samaria. Just because your family suffered under Hitler doesn’t give you the right to move to the land of Judea and Samaria. The same is true for anyone. Nobody ever had the right to invade the land of Judea and Samaria. European Jews claim a right of return that is only a contrived creation of convenience. Having violated a basic tenet, that thou shalt not steal, has damned our world. The curse we find ourselves under is what we collectively deserve.

(Yes, Vince, I borrowed that word, Orthogonal, from Stanford! I can’t even spell the damned thing. I had to look it up. I’m probably not even using it right. I’m just a Maniac with a Master’s Degree, don’t you know?)

…then the medical device should be considered single-use-only.

endoscopic superbug

I’m not aware of any pathogenic organisms that can’t be wiped out with the most basic method of sterilization out there: boiling. I’m not talking about autoclaving, which sterilizes tools by heating them to about 2000°F, killing everything known to man. I’m just talking about boiling. Autoclave temperatures melt just about anything that’s not made of metal or glass. Boiling temperatures, however, are sufficient to wipe out noxious flesh-eating bacteria.

If a medical tool cannot be heated at least to the boiling point of water for an extended period, then it must be considered one-use-disposable.

Only third-world countries re-use medical equipment that is unsterile. Is America now a third-world country?