As soon as the WP 2015 theme came out, I switched my wexBlog to it for a half hour. I explored it and discovered that it’s kludgy in the worst possible way! I switched back to the 2014 theme. However, one domino on the WWW after another is making the switch, including CNN and MSNBC. It’s ugly!

Just because a new something-or-other comes out, that doesn’t mean you’ve got to switch to it!



Holy crap! Something knocked me on my ass, overnight. I haven’t thrown up from an illness in a long, long time along with having a fever and diarrhea. Like I’ve said before, though: I will spend no more money to treat this than the cost of saltwater (okay, and a few capsules of Advil).

Must See TV: Soul Survivor

Must See TV
Channel & Time: CNN, 02-Jan-2015, 18:00 Pacific
Title: Soul Survivor

Cecelia Cichan was the only survivor of Northwest Flight 255 out of Saginaw, MI, and has never spoken publically about her experience. The story has hints of a movie titled, “Millennium,” one of my more favorite movies of all time.

The Air Crash Investigation episode that covers this disaster has been pulled from YouTube, probably because of this evening’s CNN report.