American industry sells almost nothing to China. So, why would China’s economy matter to an American? It doesn’t. From the point of view of the third world nation state of Australia, it’s a big deal.

By definition, Australia is a third world country. It exports raw materials and it imports finished goods, and China is Australia’s biggest customer. Slow growth for China means slow growth for Australia. However, I care no more for Australia than I do about China. I care about America.

China’s slow growth does not mean that industry is returning to the United States. Instead, China’s malaise reflects industrial moves to Bangladesh, Vietnam, and India. It’s where Shitt Romney is probably moving his money. It is also in those places that Australians should look for emerging markets. For the United States, the move indicates a slight shift in the origin of finished goods. It’s where American Walmart and 99Cent Store executives should go for their latest sources of poisonous dog food and psychedelic children’s toys.

Not true. Netanyahu never looks into the eyes of the people he murders. At least the killers in Paris could look into the eyes of those whom they killed. At least they could stand up and shout out why they did what they did.

Crazy as they may have been, the terrorist killers of Paris were brave in that they looked at those they slaughtered. The same is absolutely not true of Benjamin Netanyahu who hides behind guided missiles that level UN run schools and snipers who kill children playing on a beach.

God bless the Jews, IRRADIATE Israel!

It’s not ISIS.
It’s not the PLO.
It’s not Hezbollah.
It’s not Hamas.
It’s not al Qaeda.
It’s not Iran.
It’s not Syria.
It’s not Iraq.
It’s not Lybia.
It’s not Lebanon.
It’s not the Palestinians.


Listening to a CNN interview with a Jewish Frenchman I heard mention that people in France were protesting Jews, this past summer, in response to Israel’s war on Gaza. French present-day anger toward Jews is a response to Israel’s evil deeds, and the French just don’t know who to yell at. That is no less true about present-day hatred toward Jews across the globe. Jews who blindly support Israel have overplayed the Holocaust card, and they’re inflicting a Holocaust of a different sort against the good people of Gaza and what’s left of the West Bank.

Am I the only American Jew who acknowledges the source of hatred toward my kind?

Am I the only American Jew who refuses to salute to the Kikes-in-the-Knesset?


I am a Jew. I’m just not “that” kind of Jew.

Isn’t this a wonderful sight? Literally, one million French people came together to hold hands and sing Kumbaya on Sunday in a response to several days of “senseless” murder.

Now, how would this look, if:

…American drones flew over the crowd, launching Hellfire missiles, senselessly and randomly killing demonstrators? How would it look if Israeli guided missiles rained down with pinpoint accuracy on the crowd? It would look something like this:

How would the people of France respond to that? Just like this:

Am I the only person on Planet Earth who recognizes that Middle Easterners have had enough? Ah, but the killers in France were French! No, they weren’t. Their origin is the Middle East where their cousins have been senselessly murdered by the United States and dare-I-say, ISRAEL. Like any angry animal, people will strike out “senselessly” when they’ve been wronged.

The connections are:

1) the theft of Arab land by European Jews;
2) the theft of resources by the West;
3) Western business dealings with unsavory Middle Eastern characters, enriching them while leaving everyone else poor;
4) unbalanced retributive strikes by Israelis (European Jews) against Palestinians, murdering kids playing ball on a beach or non-combatants taking shelter in UN operated schools (fuck, just thinking about that makes me cry, really);
5) a many-years-long blockade of Gaza to the sea; and
6) a limited “diet” for Gazans, straight out of the SS play book.

I refuse to ignore these things.

So, yes, what happened in France was tragic, and though specifically senseless, it was broadly logical. I do resent an attack on anyone who uses language, rather than weapons, to make a point. Yet, I also understand the deep wounds that generations of Middle Easterners have suffered.

Though blanketed in religion, none of the events of this past week in France have anything to do with rivers of belief. Instead, it’s retribution for the thefts of life and land, but it’s the best that can be done by those who possess very little in the way of strength or precision.