This is a summary and commentary about Gerald Celente’s 27-January-2015 review of current events:

Vernacular Vocabulary of the Day: Hitlary Clinton; Presstitutes; Suckcess

I have regularly listened to Gerald Celente for at least one year. He publishes a journal with limited circulation. Generally, his views are similar to mine on nearly all economic matters and many facets of public policy. He regularly reminds viewers that the civil rights of Americans are decaying. He subscribes to a military policy of “no foreign entanglements.” He acknowledges that globalization is killing American industry.

In his 27-January-2015 rant, he highlights that the US economy is not as rosy as “policy makers” would have the rest of us believe. Durable goods orders are down, though I doubt that this demonstrates a trend, given that the statistics cited are within-year, and not year-over-year. He goes on to denigrate Barack Obama for seeking to permit oil exploitation off of the coast of the south eastern United States. While I agree with his concern about costal oil exploitation, I suspect that Celente would criticize the Obama Administration, just as well, had it chosen a contrary policy. Another of Celente’s points in this presentation covers listenership decline of the US Presidential State of the Union speech. The numbers that he uses are just-plain-wrong, mixing percentages with absolute values. I am a little bit bothered by his confounding of the numbers, given his master’s degree in public policy and administration. He should know better. Nonetheless, I have my own criticisms of public teleprompted political reading. In particular, my sense is that politicians are no longer orators. They read their speeches, prepared entirely by somebody else. In my opinion, if you’re going to read a ghost-written speech, just issue a memo!

Highlights of Gerald Celente’s latest installment of occasionally-posted YouTube rants, along with my thoughts about his thoughts, follow:

(00:00:43) “…and, here’s the headline from Bloomberg: ‘Gold Futures Climb after US Durable Good Orders Decline.’ That’s right, ‘Demand for all durable goods items meant to last three years declined 3.4%, the worst decline since August, the Commerce Department said, slowing expansion may prompt the Federal Reserve to hold off on raising interest rates, and you know who said so? Policy makers!”

Although we know who the policy makers are in this case, what bothers me is the anonymity of “policy makers,” in general. Names should always be declared.

(00:02:35) “The durable goods numbers were notably weak with lower revisions.”

This is a typical way that economic “policy makers” hide the real numbers. First they release pie-in-the-sky statistics, and a month or two later they downward depart.

(00:02:59) “Oh, speaking of frauds, hey all you loser liberals, the most disgusting people in this country, every one of you make me sick, because you’re a bunch of cowards, a bunch of hypocrites, and you keep taking what Obama shoves to you. Oh, by the way, his State of the Union address, yeah, only 33 percent of the ‘peoples’ turned out, or thirty-one, somewhere around that, down from an average of about forty-four million.” Getting past his vitriol, this is a case of Gerald Celente, himself, misstating numbers. First, he mixes absolute values and percentages (forty-four million and 33 percent), confounding the data. Then, if we do the numbers right, it turns out that forty-four million people amounts to only 14 percent of the population. This would indicate an upward trend, given that “only 33 percent” of the population amounts to a full one-hundred million people. So, in this video, Celente’s conveyance of the numbers actually suggests that the number of viewers of this year’s State of the Union speech increased from forty-four million to one-hundred million(?). Really? I suspect that neither number is correct. At best, the annual presidential speech attracts about twenty-five million people.

Anyway, given that modern politicians read teleprompter speeches that are prepared by ghost writers and distributed prior to the official reading, it’s just as well to pre-read the scripts rather than watch them read by the president on the TV.

(00:03:53) Celente criticizes the White House for its proposal to allow oil drilling off the Atlantic Coast. Personally, I disagree with coastal oil extraction, especially given the disaster we saw a few years ago in the Gulf of Mexico with British Petroleum. Certainly, however, this is just the sort of “policy making” that so-called industry leaders like to see. Celente goes on to state that slimy “liberals” would have criticized George “War” Bush for doing the same thing. I surely would have, but I am no less critical of the Obama Administration for making this proposal. To mock the “libs,” Celente utters in a condescending tone, that “Obama’s better than Bush.”

In my opinion, Obama is better than Bush in a most important way: OBAMA’S SELECTIONS FOR JUDICIAL APPOINTMENTS ARE MUCH MORE IN LINE WITH MY WORLDVIEW THAN THE GARBAGE SELECTED BY GEORGE “WAR” BUSH. One question, the answer about which Celente and I would disagree is: What sort of people should fill the US Supreme Court? Given his religious beliefs, Celente’s favorite supreme court justice is probably Scalia, whereas I’d pull a “lefty” (“I’m back, Obama!”) on Scalia, given half a chance!

The headline reads: “Fish Consumption Could Leave Our Oceans Empty by 2050, Estimate Shows.”

The correct headline would state that: “Human Overpopulation of Earth Could Leave Our Oceans Empty by 2050, Estimate Shows.” The title-in-supra should probably read: “Human Overpopulation will Lead to the End of the World as We Know It!”

Always remember: irrational violence leads to rational revenge. When family weddings are droned into bloodbaths for no-good reason, the survivors will seek retribution.

Why is it so hard for Americans to accept the fact that it was they who created ISIS with their 2003 irrational attack on Iraq? Jihad "Lefty" Joe may be a psychopathic murderer, but his employment is a response to what Americans have done to family after Iraqi family.

From an Iraqi perspective, America is the evil empire; ISIS represents justice.

I empathize with the people of Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Gaza, and the West Bank of the Jordan. If beheading people who are allies of the West is what Middle Easterners feel they must do to avenge America’s crimes and push America and its allies away, then let it be done. People of the "Coalition of the Willing" are to blame when they are caught up in their own deaths by unfathomable means. Of "Willing Coalition" civilian nationals killed in Iraq and Syria, none were forced to travel there. Those beheaded knew the risks that only exist because their countries of origin have participated in raw violence directed toward the Middle East or at least financially, their nations of origin supported America’s criminal offensive.

The regions of the East Mediterranean and North Africa have been made inapproachable, not because of the locals but because of the irrational acts of murder carried out by the United States, since 2003. This is not the fault of ISIS. It is the fault of America and its bloody-handed allies.

I empathize and also sympathize with Jihad "Lefty" Joe. Have at it, buddy! CHOP, CHOP!!!

Geopolitics: Saudi Arabia vs. North Korea


Why is the United States friendly with Saudi Arabia, but not North Korea? What makes Saudi Arabia so “right,” and North Korea so “wrong?”


Resource Brinksmanship:
Saudi Arabia and North Korea are Both Totalitarian Dynasties; yet, One is America’s Friend and the Other a Foe

Saudi Arabia is the source of al Qaeda and ISIS funding and personnel (and NOT North Korea). Yet, American presidents entertain Saudi Royals while they shit all over North Korean leadership, and who is the bigger threat?


There are two ways that nations can be defined by the United States as “rogue.” A rogue nation is one that interferes with America’s theft, or virtual theft, of valuable commodities. Political ideology has little to do with a nation “going rogue” by American standards. Countries that don’t get with the program will be invaded by United States snipers and drones tasked with wiping out whole families at wedding parties, and woe to the retaliator!