By summer, I don’t know. I think we’re going to see many ugly police riots.

Let us remember what started this ugliness: killing after killing after killing of civilians by police with no indictments of the police perpetrators.

All of this is occurring in the context of previous police actions against “Occupy!” protestors, and an attack on peacefully protesting students at a California university by police wielding and dispensing pepper spray with no justification.

The United States is becoming more and more a nation of injustice imposed by very dangerous people who are willing to rely on deadly force, first, and ask questions, later. Our streets may be First-World-paved, but our policies look more and more like those of the Third World.



About arrests made of people “threatening” the NYPD, news reports are probably a little bit less-than-truthful. I’ll bet my last borrowed rupee that most of those arrested in yesterday’s threat roundup were detained on parole or probation violations. Making a political statement by producing an image of a rifle trained on a given PIG, such as Chief Bratton, is a first amendment right.

Hey Bratton, come back to SoCal and as an appetizer I’ll feed you a copy of the US Constitution. For the main course, you’ll be made to dine on the complete California Vehicle Code!

This is the new world order!

A young Jordanian pilot of an F16 aircraft flying for the current Coalition of the Willing crashed his plane, sometime in the last day or so. He is now a captive of ISIS. The parents of the young man are distraught, and they are begging for his life. They are desperate fools. Others have been beheaded for far less participation in America’s insane Middle East conflict. As a pilot, this young man has bombed the opposition, possibly having killed friends and family members of the so-called enemy. At the very least, he represents those who have turned Iraq into what it is: a disaster of the worst kind.

People there are angry, and prisoners are turned over to psychopaths for summary execution. Those executioner-psychopaths truly enjoy hearing the cries of loved ones who have no power to save the ones they love. Crying and begging sustains the executioner-psychopaths of ISIS, and the evil spirits that they embody.

To gain an understanding of the type of psychopathy driving the ISIS executioners, read about Larry Bittaker, a California Death Row inmate. In his van, “Murder Mac,” Bittaker raped, tortured, and murdered many victims along his way to San Quentin. Though the motives are different, I see many similarities between Bittaker and ISIS executioners.

From around the Middle East and North Africa:

From USA Today: “‘US missile strikes kill 7 militants’ in NW Pakistan” How many missiles did it take to kill seven “militants,” I wonder?

From “44 jihadists killed in clashes with Kurds in Syria” How many Kurds died so as to kill forty-four jihadists?

With all of the “successes” reported by so-called news media, I’d have thought that the ISIS problem would have been mopped up by X-mas!

Oh, and hey, look at Sudan (from today’s NYTimes): “U.N. to Reduce Peacekeepers in Darfur as Fighting Rises.”

OOPS! Looks like an “officer” shot an “armed” teenager near Ferguson, MO! Armed with what, I wonder? Perhaps, a water gun? (Now, if you see me carrying a water gun, it probably contains something lethal!) Anyway, that is not what this post is about.

Instead, I’d like to know why the word “officer” is used to refer to police.

All American military officers have no less than a four-year college degree from a reputable university. The luckiest military officers have attended and graduated from the likes of West Point and Annapolis. Nonetheless, whatever school they call their alma mater, all military officers have at least a bachelor’s degree.

To be an officer in a police department, all that a PIG must do is to show up for roll call!

So, why are PIGS called officers, just like military officers? The word, “officer,” suggests a special rank. It suggests academic achievement, along with professional development. Yet, police “officers” need nothing more than a highschool diploma, and in some cases they may have received a diploma from a junior college.

The word, “officer” should not be used to refer to police grunts!

In less than one hour, four Advils extinguished one of the worst headaches I’ve had in years. From occasional killer headaches to killer inflammation of nerves running from my back to my right leg, Advil either eliminates pain or makes it tolerable. NOTHING works better, nothing has EVER worked better!

Expanding NATO closer and closer to Russia does not help the United States. Such an act begs for an engagement of war between the United States and Russia. The country of Russia is willing and has every right to use its atomic weapons in self defense should circumstances make that necessary. So, what is my country, the United States, doing? Why are we doing it? Whom are we helping? Certainly, it’s not America that’s being helped by any American involvement in a disagreement between parts of the Ukraine and the country of Russia. Also, expanding imperial NATO destabilizes the world.

The “Russian separatists” in the eastern part of the Ukraine are Russians. For whatever the reason their land is considered part of the Ukraine, but they do not like Ukrainian rule. So, let those people settle their differences without American involvement. Let the people of the region do what they will.

Take a look at this God-awful story: Ex-Officer Not Charged in Fatal Milwaukee Shooting

Here’s the main subject: “Manney shot 31-year-old Hamilton on April 30 after responding to a call for a welfare check on a man sleeping in a downtown park. Manney said Hamilton resisted when he tried to frisk him. The two exchanged punches before Hamilton got a hold of Manney’s baton and hit him on the neck with it, the former officer has said. Manney then opened fire, hitting Hamilton 14 times.”

So, a PIG responds “…to a call for a welfare check on a man sleeping in a downtown park…” The PIG tries to frisk the man, which I never knew was part of a “welfare” check. The man apparently doesn’t want to be frisked, and he “resists,” eventually using the PIG’s own nightstick against him. In the real world that would be called self defense, but in PIGlandia, they call it “lunging.” Finally, the PIG fires FOURTEEN shots at the man who wanted to be left-the-fuck-alone. FOURTEEN TIMES? REALLY? Firing no-less-than four shots per second, shooting FOURTEEN TIMES would take nearly four seconds. Was it really necessary for Offisuck Manney to fire his gun, repeatedly, for about four continuous seconds? Count that out: One-One-Thousand, Two-One-Thousand, Three-One-Thousand, FOUR-ONE-THOUSAND! REALLY? What kind of weapon was this, anyway, holding FOURTEEN (or more rounds)?

Back to the main issue: FOURTEEN TIMES? REALLY? Bullshit! This is just another story about another WHITE PIG shooting a NIGGER! Even I cannot say that this incident is one of the police against the rest of us. This seems to be WHITE police against BLACKS, and it DISGUSTS ME!

God bless America, FUCK the police!