If it turns out that North Korea clearly has nothing to do with a Sony data breach that shed light only on what the world already knew, that Brangelina’s acting sucks, then heads should roll at the FBI and at CNN. Both failed to fact check, and Wolf Blitzer (who should be killed, anyway, for most likely operating the Zionist bulldozer that flattened Rachel Corrie) spent day after day beating CNN’s drums of war at North Korea.

Where would things have gone if John McSame or Shitt Romney were president, instead of Barack Obama during this crisis of non-crisis? People chided President Obama for referring to the Sony data breach as minor electronic vandalism, but had he seen the incident as anything more serious, where right now would we be? Thank goodness that a relatively cool head occupies America’s White House, momentarily.

How dare they quarantine poor Miss Polly Pauline Cafferkey! After all, ebola isn’t a disease, it’s just a lifestyle!

Now, seriously, Pauline Cafferkey’s nursing license should be REVOKED. Particularly as a healthcare professional, you don’t just go about your business while feeling ill when you know what’s making you sick may very well be ebola!

This woman is why they invented the Ruger Mini-14 and why England needs a Second Amendment.



The use of the word, officer, is completely inappropriate when describing Police Brutes. Police Brutes are not required to act like military officers, and they regularly act unbecoming of those of such status. Also, to qualify as military officers, people must possess a solid education. The same is not true for Police Brutes.

So, why is it that Police Brutes are called officers?

Really, police are low class, uneducated buffoons who are given baseless authority to cause death and injury. The only other non-military people who are granted police power are doctors and nurses. Yet, doctors must complete ten years of education and training. With a few exceptions, registered nurses must complete four.



How is it that some people continue referring to police brutes as “heroes?” A hero is one who opposes a formidable adversary. Across the United States, police brutes have used deadly force to subdue unarmed members of the civilian public. How is that heroic?

Now, in response to small criticisms articulated by the Mayor of New York, police brutes have made it customary to turn their backs on the single elected person who represents a majority of New Yorkers. When police turn their backs on Mayor Bill de Blasio, they are also shunning New York, itself!

They are heretical in calling themselves heroes!

Stop being a bunch of immature idiots, and lay off of the North Korean internet, what little of it there is! Jesus-FUCKING-Christ! Do you really have to stoop to that? Come the fuck on.

Besides, I’m really thankful to have learned that I am not the only one who thinks that Angelina Jolie’s acting sucks, and it was also nice to find out that she’s a Cee yoU Next Tuesday, off camera!