No country with the technical knowhow to do so should put off making atomic weapons. Had Iraq possessed atomic weapons, then the first George Bush would never have set one foot in Iraq, and even “Junior” would have thought at-least-once with his sub-par, barely-functional left-lobe before bombing Baghdad back to the dawn of civilization.

MEMORANDUM to the government of Iran: Don’t be foolish! Rebuff the demands of the United States. Defend your country against the tyranny of my country!

America’s been fucking the dog for long enough in its monopole position on the world’s political stage. We fucked the dog in the Middle East, and now we’ve got ISIS! (Oh, and thanks Israel for plowing over more “Transjordanian” homes for your latest tract settlements! We support you, no questions asked!!!) We fucked the dog in our own hemisphere with our “war” on drugs, leading to extremely dangerous corruption in Mexico. We fucked the dog in Eastern Europe by inviting the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Bulgaria, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Albania and Croatia into the fringe. This “alliance” smacks of the sorts of treaties that led to WWI. It does not make a country, like Russia, feel all that easy. Now, the United States is sticking its nose where it doesn’t belong in this thing that’s going on in The Ukraine. The Ukraine should not be part of the United States’ circle of influence.

Then, throw in American spying on its friends. Really, did we need to know about Angela Merckel’s conversations with her OBGYN regarding her yeast infections and vaginal itch? Did we really need to know that Tony Blair has a habit of booger eating and thumb sucking?

After the cold war ended (or did it?), the United States has been rolling all over Planet Earth like the proverbial loose cannon on a rocky deck. I do support the return of an adversary that serves as a balance against what I do believe is a nation with too much muscle, an adolescent mentality, and nobody with the strength to say, “Hey, cut the bullshit, already, or your ass is mine!”