Iran is not the problem; Israel is the problem. Israel is a country that demolishes people’s houses with no due process. Israel is no less theocratic than its neighbors. Israel treats Muslims like apartheid era South African blacks. Israel continues to violate the Geneva Convention with its theft of land, west of the Jordan River, and it is Israel that has turned Gaza into a Middle Eastern Warsaw Ghetto.

Please, let’s face it: Israel is just a half step from comparability to Nazi Germany, and Netanyahu wants to be the next Hitler. I’ve cut out the part of this post that raises the issue of Netanyahu’s assassination. Like I always say, never threaten; just execute!

It’s great for employers when the burden to maximize billable time shifts to workers. It’s even better when workers are solely responsible for their own health and safety in workplaces, such as the Middle East! Thanks to freelance work, NBC, Fox, CNN, and others have no responsibility for the safety of their contract reporters.

Domestically, orchestra musicians should stock up on 99cent Store cans of Alpo for lean times!

I seem to have developed some sort of little sore at the back of my mouth. Maybe, it will go away on its own. I’m not paying one thin dime for this. Either my body will heal itself, or whatever. I’m at a point of time in my life when I will not put much more than salt water toward any medical condition that wants to take me out.

Headline from Fox News: “Israel to demolish homes of synagogue attackers”

Subtitle: “Israeli police on Thursday handed home demolition notices to families of four Palestinian attackers from east Jerusalem, including two assailants who killed five people in a synagogue attack earlier this week, according to relatives and Palestinian officials.”

Here’s a link:

Where is the due process?

They don’t sell the National Enquirer at the 99cent store; so, I’ve been caught off guard. I had no idea about these accusations of drugging-rapes and whatnot that have been directed at Bill Cosby. CRAP! I’ve always had very high regard for Dr. Cosby – yes, he has an EdD. His dissertation was built on the Fat Albert show, a favorite of mine throughout the 1970s. It’s one of those miracle success stories of someone getting rich from a thesis or dissertation. It doesn’t often happen.

At more than eighty years old, and given that these accusations are valid, Bill Cosby should lay low and avoid the radar. Otherwise, if he’s truly innocent of what is claimed, then he should sue and give the bitches a run for their money.

George W. Bush made that:

While working at the Federal Public Defender’s office I found that artistic flair is nearly an exclusive trait of violent offenders. It is not that all violent people are artistic. It’s that artistic criminals are mostly violent. Therefore, it seems a given fact that George W. Bush is very artistic. If I didn’t so much hate what he did to the world, then I’d have something good to say about his talent.