I just finished a sarcastic update to a post I originally made, yesterday. One of the changes I made was adding a comment about this being Friday, and we’re already past due for “that thick necked guy’s” beheading. After clicking the WordPress “update” button on my post, I looked at the news and discovered that they did it. They beheaded Alan Henning, the man shown in this wexBlog post’s headline file photo, who as a volunteer giving aid is shown holding a little baby. His purpose for being “over there” was to make other people’s lives better.

Iraq has been sadly transformed into a fool’s paradise by our actions, since 2003. The more that we push, the more that “they” push back. Disengagement is the only way to settle the Middle Eastern firestorm that we started. Short of turning the region into an atomic ashtray, we have no means of fixing the problem that we created with our invasion of Iraq. Only those who live there can fix what we broke in a way that suits them, not us.

I hope that western do-gooders understand that the Middle East is off limits. No matter what we do for them, they don’t like what we’ve done to them, and can you blame them? Hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of Iraqis did not deserve to die in Bush’s “war on terror,” and this is payback. Let’s not pay back the payback. Let’s mind our own business and leave those people alone.

Here’s a link: http://leaksource.info/2014/10/03/graphic-video-islamic-state-beheads-british-aid-worker-alan-henning/

As for my own crass remarks about Alan Henning, I will leave them to remind myself that sometimes my own heartlessness can go one fibrulation too far. Alan Henning’s death certainly is tragic, as demonstrated by the photo of him joyously holding a little baby and making the world just a tiny bit better. Goodbye, Mr. Henning. So sorry to see you taken far too soon.

NOTE (particularly to my father): My disclosure of self criticism is not an invitation for you to use my words against me.

Purely accidentally, I came across a couple of Jamie Dimon related articles, yesterday morning. It appears that he has throat cancer.

I guess that what the US Attorney’s office has been unwilling to do, God will take care of, Himself! Thank God for Jamie Dimon’s throat cancer.

In my opinion, Jamie Dimon is far more evil than the Iraqi Knife Guy. Dimon participated in bilking Americans out of their nest eggs. Then, after burning through all of that other-people’s-cash, Dimon’s company received more than twenty-five-billion dollars in federal bank bailout funds, and with that money, Dimon paid himself and his Bank Bailout Buddies a nice Big Bonus! That is evil, and Dimon deserves to die. I am praying for his throat cancer to make a comeback!

At least the Iraqi Knife Guy knows how to properly use dinnerware, as he has so far demonstrated, three times! About good dining habits, today is Friday. Aren’t we already past due for the beheading of that guy with the thick neck? I’ve been wondering what’s inside of that neck to make it so thick, and there’s only one way to find out: VIVISECTION!

Yeah, we have learned: George W. Bush fucked the dog when he took the United States to war with Iraq, a country that never attacked us and posed no threat. We have learned that when people are murdered from the air and on the ground by US forces, they retaliate. We may call it terrorism; they call it vengeance!

Get it?

Got it?


For one ebola patient, US health officials are now seeking one-hundred contacts who may have been exposed to the infection, themselves, but don’t you worry because it’s all under control!! Imagine what this will look like when nine more people in the US are found to have the disease! This reminds me of TEPCO using mitigating language about the possible results of its Fukushima atomic reactors, post earthquake: “Nothing to worry about here!” KABOOM! KABOOM! KABOOM!!! Three reactors explode!

Lies, lies, lies, yeah! Du-Doo–Du-Du-Du!

Given: The ZIPPER HEADED SIMIAN GOOK JUNTA in Beijing will stop at nothing to shut-this-kid-and-his-friends-the-fuck-up. Be careful, 黃之鋒, they will come for you, and when they catch up with you the world will not see you again until your hair has thinned and greyed and your skin has wrinkled, and nobody will recognize you.

How do I know? I was there. In 2004, while on what would turn into an eleven month excursion to China, I met a survivor of imprisonment related to the Tiananmen Square incident. Then, he was only recently released. At the same time, Condoleezza Rice (a treasonist war criminal, herself) delivered a report to the US Congress indicating that some one-thousand people were still imprisoned for their participation at Tiananmen Square, so many years earlier.

Heroism is possible without martyrdom!

Take care, children of Hong Kong!

Here’s a link: http://www.nytimes.com/2014/10/02/world/asia/hong-kong-china-democracy-protests-students.html?_r=0