Full Video of the David Haines Beheading

Google is totally in on censoring the raw beheading videos coming from ISIS. I used duckduckgo.com to locate the Haines beheading video. The duckduckgo.com query yielded a link to leaksource.info which looks like a good replacement for Ogrish, a previous internet-accessible library of disturbing videos which was bought and turned into watered-down “Liveleak.”

Ugly as it is, people seeking to censor truth do not understand that power over the press is available to anyone. This is not the era of William Randolph Hearst’s yellow journalism, though that could reverse.

Now, am I the only earthling who’s learned the real lesson of Vietnam? What, you say? What’s that got to do with the price of tea in Syria and Iraq? In answer: War of this sort is traditionally unwinnable because it’s not a war. To win, one should withdraw rather than fight.

Disengage, fully, wait 30 years, and everything will settle down on its own. (Here’s a link to the full David Haines beheading video, by the way: http://leaksource.info/2014/09/13/graphic-video-islamic-state-beheads-british-aid-worker-david-haines/ )

To solve the ISIS problem:

  • The US should fully disengage from the Middle East.
  • Leave Israel to fight its own battles with its own ingenuity.
  • Cut off exports of US oil and related refined products, and use them domestically, instead.
  • Prepare for a diminished supply of oil from the Middle East.
  • Stop selling arms to all Middle Eastern countries and their friends.
  • Re-establish tariffs on finished goods from China and India to force a reduction of their reliance on Middle Eastern oil which is primarily a function of the business that they do with the United States.


All that I’ve worked for is going away. I am falling fast and the ground approaches. I see zero hope of possessing even the slightest demonstrable evidence of a successful life, let alone what is needed for a comfortable retirement.

I will not be called “loser” by anyone. Providing assistance combined with personal attacks, cutting criticism, and semi-public ridicule (“the word’s out”) is antonymous to the word, “help.” I will not take punches below the belt. I will also not live a life of indentured servitude.

I am unwilling to fight. I am unwilling to start over, again.