BPA Causes All Sorts of Ailments! Who knew?

Since the spring of 1973, I’ve argued that plastic bottles are a bad idea because of the stuff that gets into whatever’s in them. I was seven years old, then. Of course, nobody would listen to a second grader, would they? Too bad. Maybe, my father wouldn’t have this kidney cancer or diabetes if only our society had stuck with glass bottles and steel and tin cans (without plastic inserts).

FBI Director James Comey Apparently Didn’t Get the Memo!


TO: The American People

FROM: The Founders of America

RE: Your Right to Privacy

The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.

Fuck James Comey!

Ebola: Holy God, it’s Building

Let it be remembered that the US CDC, under Dr. Tom Frieden, described what is now taking place at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital in Dallas as only an itsy-bitsy, teenee weenee possibility.

This is an emergency that started weeks ago, but nobody did shit. The following should now be the reaction to this emerging disaster:

  • Fire Doctor Tom Frieden, immediately. Send him home to spend more time with his fucking family, but make it a FIRING, NOT A RESIGNATION! Remember, this SCUMBAG is the ASSHOLE who has wrought ebola on America with a policy of open travel with West Africa. Really, Frieden should be shot in a public square. I’d do it, myself.

  • All traffic into and out of the Dallas region should be suspended. No aeroplanes. No cars. No buses. No trains. The region must be quarantined for a while. To get an idea of what will happen if we’re too politically correct about this problem, just look at how this infection is TOTALLY EXPLODING in West Africa, and don’t give me the line of bullshit that it’s different over there because of how they prepare bodies for burial.

  • Shoot Doctor Tom Frieden, or did I already mention that? As Thomas Eric Duncan is America’s Patient Zero, Tom Frieden is America’s “Doctor Zero.”

This “feels” to me like air turbulence over the Rockies in spring: It starts with a tiny little shake and before you know it, the plane’s bouncing around between the whole stretch, Earth and Heaven!

In some ways, this emerging crisis reminds me of the med fly disaster of 1979 (California). The area of infestation kept widening and widening and widening.

Greenglass: The Death of a Total Scumbag

This scumbag avoided the Chair (the Electric Chair) by implicating his innocent sister in the espionage that transferred American atomic secrets to the Soviet Union. While Greenglass (the real criminal) lived into his nineties, his sister was cooked in New York’s “Chair” until smoke rose from her head.

I did not realize that Greenglass was still alive. Had I known, I’d have made the trek to the east coast to cut his head off, myself, Jihadi-style (“I’m back, Obama”)! What a scumbag Greenglass was!

According to a Wikipedia article, “Ethel and Julius Rosenberg were buried at Wellwood Cemetery in Pinelawn, New York.” I will add visiting their graves to my list of things to do before I die. Though particularly true of Ethel, they both deserve a visit and a prayer.

Greenglass’s grave, however, should be desecrated, and I won’t hesitate!

Surprise, surprise!! Ebola: America’s Not Up to the Challenge!!!

An LATimes ebola-related article’s summary, shown here, makes a ridiculous point: that somehow America’s healthcare system is not up to the challenge of ebola. Of course not, you FUCKING MORONS! Ebola requires the highest level of control that’s found only in specialized facilities!!! The CDC and the NIH should know better, because for forty years they’ve had their grubby hands in the ebola petri dish, and they’ve seen how easily this disease spreads. YET, with the support of CDC and NIH, American health professionals were encouraged to travel to the epicenter of the latest outbreak!!!! ALSO, with the support of CDC and NIH, people from the epicenter of the latest outbreak were allowed to freely travel to America!!!!!

No hospital has the facilities to sequester every admitted patient who’s got a fever before determining whether that fever is caused by ebola!!!!!

It’s so frustrating to watch the so-called professionals fuck this up so badly, while getting PAID to do it!!!! Jesus-FUCKING-Christ!!!! Of course, America’s not up to the challenge!!! Ebola is an extremely dangerous disease!!!! Think nuclear waste with a mind.

“How dare Peter Wexler use the Savior’s name in vain!!!” No, how dare the lives of all Americans be put in such serious peril!!! God damn the people who turned their backs on modern common sense that’s taught in every 100 level microbiology class, around the world!

Remember: Those most offended commit the greatest offenses.

Senator John Walsh (D-Montana), Plagiarist!

I never understand people who choose to plagiarize college papers. That goes double for a final research paper. Come on, the paper passing bar isn’t set that high. I do not consider my final research paper as anything worth writing home about, let alone reading! In fact, I’ve forgotten the paper’s focus! Really, I should have done a thesis, but the fear of God was instilled in me during an initial grad student orientation meeting that I attended, in 2008. That concern was reinforced when I attended a 600-level research class. So, I chickened out, or comped out as I like to say!

Okay, okay, in some ways I am an academic fraud. For example, I HEAVILY relied upon WordPerfect’s grammar checker, giving me a huge advantage over my colleagues who all used Microsoft Word. It’s not that I relied on WordPerfect to write my papers, but it did help me to make those papers much, much better. My professors would tell me, “Peter, you write really well,” and I would smile and say, “thank you,” never letting them in on my little secret! (Heh, heh, heh…)

Presently, I think that the grammar checker offered by dictionary.com is better than what’s part of WordPerfect, but right now is not the time for me to renew my subscription to the dictionary.com service, though I’d really like to!

Anyway, on ethical grounds, I cannot see how anyone would plagiarize. Even from a pragmatic view, I could never trust someone else’s work enough to present it as my own. Yes, I do think that highly of myself.