Closing out September, temperatures are still bumping up against one-hundred degrees, Fahrenheit / thirty-eight degrees, Centigrade. We’ve also seen zero precipitation from the north. Any tiny bit of rain that has fallen, recently, came from hurricane remnants blown northeastward from the southwest, from out over the Pacific.

Some meteorologists believe that the severe pacific “El Nino” should correlate with heavy rain in the Southern California region. I’m not so sure. Instead, I imagine the possibility of an effect of diminishing returns once sea temperatures exceed an upper limit of some sort. There is no real telling just what rainfall totals will look like until the end of January, but things don’t thus far look very promising.

(1) The sword
(2) The neck

While screaming, “I didn’t do it,” a woman is beheaded in Saudi Arabia.

Here’s a link to the video, hosted by BestGore: Listening to the video will take your breath away.

In the same garish light, Ali al-Nimr faces beheading after the Saudi Arabian “kingdom” squeezed him like a tube of toothpaste to obtain a confession about subversion.

So, tell me again: Why is Saudi Arabia a friend of the United States?

Yet, ISIS kills for seemingly ridiculous reasons, and I support that. Why? ISIS is a light infantry unit in the middle of a war, and taking captives is a burden too heavy. Also, ISIS must convince its adversaries that opposition is unattractively fatal. Finally, ISIS has no formal support from major governments. Saudi Arabia is not only a government but one that receives the infinite, unflinching support of the United States, a country that claims to have morals.

I am beyond disgusted with American police. They are “trained” to use lethal force. They are “trained,” to a limited degree, about hand to hand combat. They are “trained” to write reports. They are “trained” about arrest procedures. They are “trained” about riot control, and on and on.

Training teaches the trainee how to respond to specific situations. So, now the IDIOTS in Cleveland will “train” police to deal with mental health crises.

The purpose of a well-rounded education is to enable students to logically think through problems that never appear on any standardized test.

WHY aren’t police required to obtain a four-year college degree along with certifications in law enforcement in a similar way that a CPA receives education and certification or a teacher receives education and certification or a nurse receives education and certification? WHY is it that, at most, police departments may require a two-year bullshit college degree, rather than a robust four-year degree?

Four-year college degrees allow people to adjust to differing conditions. Two-year bullshit training degrees don’t.

Healthcare moneychangers must be put out of business. We need Medicare Part “E.” The “E” is for “Everyone.” It has been part of Bernie Sanders’s message for as long as I’ve known about him: about ten years.

Obamacare is a Frankensteinian program that requires people to purchase private insurance. Health insurance has essentially become legalized mob boss insurance. I don’t blame President Obama for this fiasco. Republican filibusters in the US Senate limited options available for passing national healthcare legislation.

Now, America needs a president who can properly communicate legislative plans to the general public, enabling constituents to apply pressure to Representatives and Senators to implement the government’s chief executive’s agenda. That agenda must include a permanent solution to what continues to be a serious problem: nearly useless healthcare for average people.

The presidential candidate who offers the best logical and persuasive skills to truly fix healthcare in America is Bernie Sanders.