Poor Pakistan!

Slowly, the disease of Afghanistan is creeping into Pakistan, catalyzed by the actions of the United States of America:

Nothing is perfectly predictable. What is presently clear is that Pakistan is unstable, it possesses deliverable atomic weapons, and its midrange delivery systems are effective. Less clearly explained in consumer-grade news is exactly what forces are contributing to Pakistan’s devolution. I am moderately confident that thorough research would show that American intervention is a significant component of Pakistan’s speeding decline.

After we got bin Laden, why did we continue to drone Pakistan? To anyone reading this commentary, I ask: How would hellfire drones, buzzing overhead day after day after day, affect your psyche? How would you feel if several of your cousins died, having been struck by an American drone-launched missile? Would you join forces with those whose stated primary goal is to eject a dangerous foreign invader from your country?

Sony Pictures: What are People Fretting About?

(From the Los Angeles Times, 13-December-2014)

Can one thus far find a single inaccurate statement made by executives at Sony Pictures in their “leaked” e-mail messages? In particular, let us look at Angelina Jolie’s acting. Frankly, she sucks. So, why does she get the meaty parts in movies? Well, her father is Jon Voight, she’s “slept” her way past her father to the top of the heap, and she’s a thinly veiled do-gooder.

A Matter of Trust

My father spilled a little bit, yesterday. I’m no expert in estates and trusts, but unless there’s some demonstrable evidence of moral turpitude, then in controlling her estate, a demented woman’s son should precede her sister and brother-in-law. I expect a rude awakening for my father and his wife, given them by a state court. While the son in this case is “no angel,” who is? Shouldn’t he be given opportunity to provide care to his mother before awarding the task to a more distant relative?