Over and Over and Over, Again: These Police Who Kill are Veterans of the Bush Wars!!!

In the latest Police Murder Acquittal, Michael Brelo was accused of pumping dozens of bullets into two unarmed people. It turns out that our “hero” is a “Troop” who “served” in Iraq! His trial was before a judge, rather than a jury.

Veterans of the Bush Wars should absolutely not be hired to work as police!!!!! To them, a newborn baby is a potential dynamite-belt-wearing suicide bomber! This whole thing about hiring Bush War Veterans to work as police is purely the fault of police HR departments!!!! WHAT THE FUCK ARE THEY DOING? DID NOT ANYBODY LEARN FROM THE VIETNAM ERA THAT PEOPLE WHO ARE SENT INTO WAR ZONES COME BACK A LITTLE OFF BALANCE? Jesus Christ, even I’m a little off balance, and I’ve never been subjected to the VIOLENCE of war!!!! OOPS, correction! I almost forgot about the Wexler Wars. My parents fought like it was WWII all over again, from 1964 until 1979! Ever since, it’s been a very cold war. So, that must be why I’m a little touched in the head!

There is one important difference between me and Michael Brelo: He wears a badge and carries a gun, and I don’t. Brelo should never, ever, ever have been hired to work as a policeman!

Cities that hire Bush War Veterans to work as police are committing murder against their own citizens! They’re turning America into Baghdad and Ramadi! They’re bringing the Bush Wars back to America.

It’s F’ing crazy!

Now, back to that acquittal: I wonder if the judge in this case also had past military service.

Another Pig Acquitted of MURDER!

Michael Brelo, “a Cleveland police officer who climbed onto the hood of a car and fired repeatedly at its unarmed occupants in 2012 was acquitted of manslaughter on Saturday by an Ohio judge” (NYTimes, 23-May-2015, p.1). The two people MURDERED, named Timothy Russell and Malissa Williams, were unarmed. PIG ENFORCER Brelo fired 49 rounds at the couple. How many times did he have to reload his service weapon, I wonder? Did he have a so-called “banana clip” hanging out the bottom? Anyway, at close range, standing on the hood of the car of the people he MURDERED, Brelo “fired at least 15 rounds,” and included among those fifteen rounds were “the fatal shots” (NYTimes).

WE DON’T HAVE A POLICE PROBLEM, IN AMERICA. WE HAVE A LAW PROBLEM, IN AMERICA. It seems clear to me that the standard for what constitutes murder by police needs review and adjustment in state legislatures across this country, and it needs to happen, NOW! This is an EMERGENCY! Someone, today, will likely die a death at the hands of police that is unjustifiable to those with common sense.

OOOH, LOOK! ISIS is doing for America what America could not do for Itself!

Did not the US Government want to take out Bashar al-Assad? That does appear to be coming. If I were President al-Assad, I’d be packing my bags. Otherwise, ISIS will “fire” him in one of those famous cages that they’ve got.

Now, let’s see. Is it safe to predict that Turkey is next? Yes, it is safe to say that Turkey is next. OOOOH, but Turkey is a member of NATO (a paper tiger, at best). So what? There is a sizeable population of malcontents in Turkey who want to see change, and I’ll bet that they’re willing to roll the dice and side with ISIS. That, by the way, is called a revolution, and third parties cannot stand in the way of those sorts of fights.

Given that I want to see an ISIS firing of Benjamin Netanyahu, and by looking at the map, I’d say that ISIS should not touch Lebanon because that’s a trigger point for Israel and its big brother, the United States. Instead, keep plugging away at Pakistan, and get some of those atomic missiles! The only way to take out Israel will be to turn it into an atomic ashtray!

This really is shaping up to be a Battle of the Planets!

Look at How the LAtimes Justifies the Likely Extinction of the Panda!

Karen Kaplan writes that bacteria found in the intestines of pandas are optimized to help digest meat. Never mind the fact that pandas have been eating only bamboo for the last two million years! If only pandas were omnivores, they’d have no problem with the destruction of their forests, or so the story is presented. Isn’t that the same problem for polar bears? I mean, if only polar bears relied on terrestrial food sources, they wouldn’t have all these problems!

The lead to extinction of polar and panda bears has absolutely nothing to do with them, including how they breed and how they feed. The problem has everything to do with humanity’s overpopulation of Earth. We are turning the Earth into a science experiment. This is particularly true of the Third World. Radionuclides continue to flow into the Pacific from Japanese atomic reactors. Hydrogen sulfide continues to rise above the continent of Asia, east and south. Rain forests of the Americas are being chopped to pieces. Where there is hydrogen sulfide, there is carbon dioxide. Where there are no trees, there’s no cleaning of the air.

Per capita, India and China do not produce as much CO2 as do Americans, but India and China have a whole lot more capitae. So, per country, China and India produce more pollutants than Europe and North America, combined!

The problem is the Third World, first! The problem is China and India. The problem is an American policy that fails to balance trade on an ecological fulcrum.

God bless America, and FUCK the multinational corporations and their supporters in all three branches of the US Government!

There is no justification for the likely extinction of pandas and polar bears! There is no justification for human overpopulation of the planet. There is no justification for American economic contributions to the problems found in the Third World!

Here’s a link to the article: http://www.latimes.com/science/sciencenow/la-sci-sn-giant-panda-bamboo-meat-20150519-story.html

USA Freedom Act | Thank You Edward Joseph Snowden, a True American Patriot and Hero!

There would be no rollback of American Governmental Snooping on Americans, but for the risks taken by Edward Joseph Snowden. He destroyed his own comfortable life to keep the rest of us safe from our own government. He deserves a pardon. He deserves to come home, if he wants. He deserves his complete freedom.

The same is also true for Bradley Manning.

In my opinion, Ed Snowden and Bradley Manning are the greatest American heros of my lifetime of nearly fifty years. They changed the course of American history for the better.

PS: Thank you, Mother Russia, for protecting Ed Snowden from my government.