Hitlary Clinton: ZERO Political Horse Sense, and the New Yorkers Who Elected Her to the Senate Deserve Another Nine-Eleven Attack, Just for Being So Stupid!

MEMORANDUM TO ISIS: Please, add New York to your Atomic Ambitions! Having elected Hitlary “Cee yoU Next Tuesday” Clinton to the US Senate, the IDIOTS of New York need more punishment, a lot more punishment!!!!! There isn’t enough punishment in all of the missile silos on Earth to teach New Yorkers the lesson that they need!

Show Me, Shlomo!

Netanyahu calls Iran’s leadership a vulnerable regime, but then states that Iran is powerful and scarey, gobbling nations and building a Persian empire. I’d like to see some evidence of either claim. I see none.

If anyone is stretching its “tentacles,” to use Bibi’s word, it’s Israel with its “settlements” along the West Bank of the Jordan!

Bibi’d better hightail it out of DC. Otherwise, I’m heading there with my Ruger to take him out! (Now, how can I get within 200 feet of the sonofabitch, given that I can’t accurately shoot my Mini-14 from any farther than that?)

Bibi “The Kike” Netanyahu, in 2002 Stated: Iraq is an Existential Threat, and Now He’s Back For an Encore Performance!

In 2002, standing before the American House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, Bibi Netanyahu plowed the field of war in Iraq. At that time, he stated: "There is no question whatsoever that Saddam is seeking and is working and is advancing towards the development of nuclear weapons – no question, whatsoever, and there is no question that once he acquires it, history shifts immediately."

Netanyahu had his chance to be right, in 2002, and he fucked the dog, pulling the United States into a war of lies that has given rise to ISIS.

Moreover, if the myth is true, that Israel possesses atomic weapons, then that war-mongering country needs a regional counterweight. That counterweight would be Iran, a country that never made war with America. Iran, however, was dragged into a war with Iraq that was instigated and funded and supplied by the United States.

I positively support Iran’s right to construct a nuclear bomb if it so chooses for its own defense and the defense of its neighbors.

I also now turn my back to the nation state of Israel. The policies of that country are threatening not only to its own people but to Jews around the world, including me.

The rogue nation of the Middle East is Israel, and I am saddened and seriously concerned about my own conclusions regarding this matter. Israel is a tragic nation in every way possible. In the end, it will likely be the site of a second Jewish Holocaust, and this time, one by the victims’ own design.

Watch this video of Netanyahu stating that "America is easy to push around!" (Here’s the link: http://warincontext.org/2010/07/18/netanyahu-america-is-easy-to-push-around/ )

Jihad “Lefty” Joe has been Named!

I am not looking forward to seeing the face of Jihad “Lefty” Joe, now that he has been named. He is much more fun as the Mysterious “Face” of ISIS!

It amazes me how the United States looks the other way from Kuwait (the origin of Jihad “Lefty” Joe, aka Mohammed Emwazi). It further amazes me how the United States looks the other way from Saudi Arabia, the origin of nineteen 9/11 hijackers! Yet, the United States shits all over Iran! What the fuck is that all about?

America calls Iran a sponsor of terrorism. Of course, it was an American warship that blew an Iranian commercial jetliner out of the sky. (Remember that?) I’ve never forgotten one image of life preservers floating in the sea from that disaster, caused by my crappy country.

America is not a sponsor of terrorism. America IS THE TERRORIST!

America calls the people of Iraq (and Syria) terrorists while it DRONES WEDDINGS in THEIR countries, and subsequently DRONES the resulting FUNERALS. It makes me shake just thinking about what my piece-of-shit country has been doing to the rest of the world in the name of what it calls justice and what I call meaningless attacks on innocent people.

I will not cry the next time that I read about or hear about some explosion in Washington DC or New York. I totally understand the freedom fighters, and I am completely baffled by my TERRORIST GOVERNMENT!

MEMO to The United States Government: Stop doing what you’re doing, in my name. I do not appreciate it!

Jesus-FUCKING-Christ! (Don’t like my attitude? I love you, DAD, but on this issue, FUCK YOU!)